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Chapter 385: Supporting The Little Prince

As Lu Heting strode out, he called Su Bei.

When the call connected, Su Bei was already on the subway.

“Ill be back soon, dont worry.”

He was a step too late.


Lu was in a bad mood because he could not pick up his wife in person.

He had no choice but to settle for the next best thing.

He drove straight to the station where Su Bei would get off and waited for her.

While listening to music, Su Bei walked out of the station.

Under the streetlights, Lu Hetings shadow on the ground was stretched out.

He stood there with one hand in his pocket, waiting calmly.

“Heting.” Su Bei ran toward him.

When Lu Heting saw her, his calm eyes lit up.

“I told you not to pick me up.

Its just a short walk away from home.”

“Its too late, its not safe for you to walk on the streets.” With her appearance and figure, he could not help being worried.

Su Bei narrowed her eyes with a smile.

Even the most humble person would feel slight joy when he said such flattering words.

She was holding a takeaway box in her hand, and Lu Heting took it from her.

“Come on, lets go home.

I brought back delicious food for you and Gun Gun.

It wont be fresh anymore if you dont eat it soon.”

Lu Heting smiled and followed her to his car.

Upon reaching home, Su Bei rushed to get the cutleries and asked Lu Heting to open the takeaway box.

Da Bao and Gun Gun sat at the table.

“What good food is this”

“They served top-quality deep-sea bluefin tuna at tonights banquet.

It tastes especially good.

You guys havent eaten such delicious food before, right I specially asked the hotel manager if theres any fresh fish left in the kitchen.

Luckily, the manager said that there were two more fresh fish in the kitchen, so I packed them up.”

“Wow, if Bei Bei thinks that its delicious, then it must be super delicious.

I cant help but drool.” Gun Gun was like a little prince who was eagerly looking forward to it.

Da Bao, on the other hand, was much calmer.

If he remembered correctly, he had eaten it with Godfather Feng Ze a few times.

However, he would not mention it at this moment.

The smile on Lu Hetings face widened.

She really was someone who cared about the family.

Actually, she did not need to go through so much trouble.

After all, this was not a rare delicacy for him.

“Here, have a taste.” Su Bei brought them bowls and chopsticks.

Gun Gun took a bite, and his little face wrinkled in happiness.

“Its super delicious.

Especially since it was brought back by Bei Bei.

Its so delicious! Ive never eaten such delicious food before.”

“If its delicious, Gun Gun, eat more.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Gun Gun nodded and took another bite.

Da Bao and Lu Heting moved their chopsticks elegantly at the same time.

The food was delicious, but Su Beis kindness made the food taste even sweeter.

Su Bei smiled and asked, “How is it”

It was as if she was the one who made the food and desperately wanted to be complimented.

“Very good,” the father and son said in unison.

Su Bei was satisfied.

She had carried the food all the way back home and was worried that the meat would no longer be fresh.

In the end, her efforts in rushing to catch the subway back home were not in vain.

Lu Heting looked at Su Bei and said, “So you also like this fish.”

Su Bei nodded vigorously.

“Yes, its delicious, deserving of its reputation.”

“How was the music”

“It was really nice.”


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