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Chapter 383: Its Terrifying To Receive A Reward For Nothing

“I saw you too but you were too far away, so I didnt go over,” Su Bei said with a smile.

“Are you leaving Theyre out there giving out gifts and tulips.

The tulips are so beautiful.

Its a pity that I cant get them.”

Xiao Rou did not know that Du Luo and Su Huixian had already been refused by the manager.

They could not even get a leaf from the tulips.

Su Bei smiled and asked, “Do you like tulips”

“I think theyre just alright, but my mom likes them a lot.

I even sent her a photo just now.

She said she wanted them.

But unfortunately, Su Huixian wont give them to me.

You know what I mean.” Xiao Rou winked at Su Bei.

Su Bei said to the manager, “Please choose two pots of good tulips for this lady to bring back.”

“Okay, Miss Su.” The manager hurriedly ordered his men.

Xiao Rou said in surprise, “Su Bei, but these are all Su Huixians flowers.

If we take her flowers, shell definitely scold us.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the manager handed the flowers to her.

Xiao Rou hugged the two pots of flowers.

Just then, she saw Su Huixian and Du Luo walking over with the guests.

She could not avoid them, and a trace of worry appeared on her face.

Had Su Huixian caught her red-handed

The two pots of flowers were quite heavy, and there was nowhere to hide them.

Xiao Rou said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, dont worry.

I wont expose you.

At most, Su Huixian will give me a hard time.

There are so many people here, so she wont scold me.”

Su Huixians gaze fell on the two pots of flowers in Xiaorous arms.

The expression on her face that she was trying to control seemed to crack in an instant.

She could not hide the unwillingness and displeasure on her face.

“Rourou, where did you get the flowers from” Qiu Minxuan could not help asking.

Xiao Rou was about to apologize and say that it had nothing to do with Su Bei as she took the flowers herself.

However, the manager spoke up first and said, “These flowers were given to Su Bei by a customer and Su Bei gave them to this lady.”

The manager did not want to offend Su Huixian, but he did not want anyone to misunderstand Su Bei and her friend.

He still knew which one of them was more important.

The guests coughed and said, “Oh, the flowers are Su Beis.”

Su Huixian felt so embarrassed that she could not even show her face anymore.

She glared at Qiu Minxuan and thought that she had made things worse.

Did she think that the humiliation she received tonight was not enough

Qiu Minxuans face flushed, and she did not dare to say anything else.

The guests left with complicated expressions on their faces.

Xiao Rou could not help being surprised.

“Su Bei, it turns out that all these are for you.

Sheng Tang treats you so well.

They treat you much better than Qian Yu Entertainment Company.”

Su Bei did not want to tell her the truth, so she just smiled and said, “Its getting late.

You should go home early.

Be careful.”

Lv Shan did not ask Su Bei anything.

There was already a tacit understanding between her and Su Bei.

She only knew that there were many things in Su Beis life that she could not understand.

She knew that even though all of this was provided to her by someone else, Su Bei had never used any underhanded means to get them.

Perhaps Su Bei was born to have such privileges!

After saying goodbye to Lv Shan, Su Bei immediately called Gu Xifeng.

“Little Third Brother, I told you not to get Feng Ze to prepare anything.

Why is he still like this Can you help me persuade him”

Although it was important to promote her status in the industry, it would also cause a lot of controversies.

Besides, all this would have at least cost eight figures, right

She was terrified to receive a reward like this without doing anything.

Besides, it was not easy for Feng Ze to make money either.

How would she pay him back


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