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Chapter 376: Most Afraid Of Silence

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Su Huixian was completely ignored.

Standing in the middle of the stage, she looked so lonely and awkward.

She was most afraid of silence, yet at this moment, silence enveloped Su Huixian.

It was not until a long time later that the crowd burst into an uproar.

Things were beyond everyones expectations.

After all, everyone thought that the two masters had been invited by Du Luo for Su Huixian.

Du Luo was also shocked by the sudden turn of events.

What was going on Where was his assistant

The shocked reporters came back to their senses.

They knew that they had come across a piece of shocking news tonight, so they immediately started to take pictures.

They had successfully gotten tomorrows headline!

It was the kind of headline that could cause a ruckus!

The guests started to discuss among themselves.

“Why did Mr.

Luo invite these two masters to celebrate Su Bei Shouldnt they be here for Su Huixian”

“Youre wrong… Dont you see These two orchestras arent people Mr.

Luo can invite.”

“I think I saw that Tang Xinru from Sheng Tang with Su Bei.

Did Sheng Tang sign on Su Bei”

“Theyre not here for tonights banquet.

They came separately.

The two orchestras also went directly to Hall 5.


Luo only booked Hall 6.

But because there were too many guests in Hall 6, they moved some of the guests to Hall 6.

The orchestras had always been for Su Bei.” Someone who had some inside information on the hotel revealed the inside story to everyone.

Everyone finally understood that this was a welcome party held by Sheng Tang for Su Bei.

It had nothing to do with Su Huixian.

“Su Huixian really thinks too highly of herself.

Doesnt she know the extent of her capabilities”

“This Mr.

Luo is really something.

Theyre such a huge company, but how can their welcoming party lose to Su Beis”

“She has Sheng Tangs support, after all.

How are they even comparable”

When Su Huixian heard the discussion, she turned around angrily and returned to her seat.

Her face was livid.

She bit her lip so hard that it was bleeding.

When Du Luo returned to her side, he was in a terrible mood as well.

The banquet they had carefully planned was ruined by Su Bei.

They did not feel good about it at all.

He clenched his fists tightly and put them at the sides of his trousers to stop his body from trembling.

Gringlass smiled and said, “Id like to invite Su Bei to join me in a piano four-hands performance.

Miss Su, please accept my invitation.”

Su Bei readily agreed.

Su Huixian snorted.

Su Bei did not know how to play the piano at all.

What could she do up on the stage

Su Bei sat down and played the piano with Gringlass.

Although it was their first time playing together, they performed well because one was a master and the other was talented.

When did Su Bei learn this Su Huixians lips were about to burst from all the biting.

She had not seen Su Bei for five years.

Of course, she did not know what Su Bei had learned and who she knew.

Everyone applauded.

No wonder Gringlass chose to perform with Su Bei.

She was really good.

After patiently interacting with some loyal fans for a while, the orchestras left.

Even so, everyone was still immersed in their emotions from just now.

The way they looked at Su Bei and Su Huixian was completely reversed now.

Su Huixian suddenly remembered that she still had another trick up her sleeve that could perhaps turn the situation around tonight.

Zhu Fenfen had said that the top chef in the kitchen would prepare the cheek meat of top-quality deep-sea bluefin tuna for them.

The novel will be published today with 50,000 characters written.

Su Bei, Lu Heting, Da Bao, Gun Gun, and Su Su (why are all these characters suddenly appearing) would like to thank all the lovely little brothers and sisters for your support..

I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy weekend.

In the future, you must also support this lovely family!


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