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Chapter 374: Todays Hostess

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“I know that this orchestra is even more amazing than the Spanish Royal Orchestra.

Although not all of their members are from the same academy, they all have their own strengths.

Although they havent been certified by the professional academies, theyre still number one in the hearts of many professional musicians.

Its because they have freedom when it comes to creativity and are more talented.”

“The Dublin Philharmonic seldom performs in public.

They only perform as a hobby.

Although they dont appear much in the field, their names are always talked about.”

“Gringlass is even Shaques senior! They both learned from the great musician, composer, and conductor, Mr.

Martin, who has passed away.”

Shaque had just finished conduction when he saw his senior, Gringlass.

He was both surprised and shocked, so he hurriedly went over to greet him.

The two of them shook hands and talked to each other in their mother tongue.

Obviously, although the two of them had different styles of playing, they both had the same passion for music.

Their temperament was extraordinary.

Now, not only were Su Huixian, Du Luo, and the guests extremely excited, but even the people in the hotel rejoiced at the arrangements made by this big shot.

Such an arrangement would probably make the hotel very busy for the next ten years.

Although the hotel itself was already very famous, it was still far from being one of the top hotels in the world.

The boss had tried hard to come up with a plan but it never worked.

After this banquet, however, the hotel would become so famous that other top hotels in the world would envy them.

After exchanging a few words with Shaque, it was now Dublin Philharmonics turn to take the stage.

Dublin Philharmonic deserved to be known as the worlds top orchestra, and they were now performing on stage while being led by the conductor, Gringlass.

The man had not appeared in public for 13 years.

The loud music started, and everyone was immersed in the music.

Many people raised their phones to take photos.

However, as they took photos, they would all eventually put down their phones as they could not focus on listening to the music that made them feel sentimental and nostalgic.

As for the elders, their eyes gradually teared up.

Music could directly touch a persons heart.

One could feel the meaning of music.

It would evoke emotions like joy, fear, or courage in the depths of their hearts.

It was exhilarating.

They were either shuddering, feeling sentimental, or injected with courage.

Many people were in tears, and many of them had faint smiles on their faces.

Their souls were moved by the music.

It took them a while to realize that the music had stopped.

Even so, those feelings still lingered in their hearts.

This was what it meant to have music linger in ones heart for days.

Gringlass bowed and thanked everyone.

Zhu Fenfen reacted quickly and said to Su Huixian, “Huixian, youre the hostess today.

You should go and talk to the two conductors, right That way, the reporters can also take photos of you for publicity purposes.”

“Thats right.

Huixian, you should go ahead.

Ive already thought of the headline,Top Conductors Perform Exclusively For Su Huixian.” Qiu Minxuan felt that Zhu Fenfens proposal this time was very apt.

Su Huixian was also tempted.

The temptation was too great and she could not refuse..

Besides, it was her special honor tonight.


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