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Chapter 371: Limitless Future

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Su Huixian said, “Forget it.

Its not a big deal.

They can stay if they want.

It wont affect us.”

“What are you talking about” Du Luo walked in elegantly.

Su Huixian smiled gently and said, “Theyre saying that Su Bei has signed a contract with a new company and theyre having dinner in the hall next door.”

Du Luo did not ask any more questions.

This was indeed in line with Su Beis personality.

She would not just settle in one place for a long time, and she would not allow herself to be wronged.

Looking at the way things were right now, it was uncertain how long Su Bei and Sheng Tang had been in contact.

Su Huixian knew what Du Luo was thinking, so she smiled and said, “Lets go and welcome the guests.

Su Bei wont affect our event anyway.”


The guests had already arrived.

There were people from Qian Yu Entertainment Company, business partners of the Du family, and many reporters.

As soon as they entered, they smiled and praised her.


Luo has invested in Qian Yu Entertainment Company, and hes a perfect match for Miss Su.

Theyre a perfect couple.

Im so envious of them.”


“If the two of you work together, your future will be limitless.”


Luo really dotes on Miss Su.

The tulips outside are so fragrant.

Theyre rare and refreshing.”

Du Luo thought that his assistant was really reliable.

This arrangement was very impressive.

He smiled and said, “If you like them, I can ask someone to wrap some up for you.

Its rare that these flowers were shipped here still with their roots.”

“Yes, that sounds great.

Thank you, Mr.

Luo.” Director Li immediately thanked him.

Several other guests also expressed their fondness for these rare flowers.

Du Luo said, “After the banquet, Ill ask my assistant to add these tulips to the gift packages.”

When the guests found out, everyone was happy.

Those who loved flowers were very pleased, and those who did not still found it impressive.

Joy was written all over Du Luo and Su Huixians faces.

The slight displeasure they felt because of Su Beis presence had disappeared.

There were more guests than expected.

They were all here for Qian Yu Entertainment Companys grand occasion.

The entire Hall 6 was so full that it was almost impossible to squeeze in.

There were even tables placed on the stage.

Su Huixian did not expect so many people to come and support her.

This made her feel even more honored.

Du Luo immediately asked the manager if he could take an extra table from the next hall.

The lobby manager asked the general manager for instructions.

The general manager refused on the spot.

The lobby manager was a little embarrassed.

“But they cant seat any more people there.

Its too far away from Hall 4 as well, so its not convenient to bring the tables from there.”

The general manager thought that the hotel tonight had been reserved for Su Bei by a big shot.

Actually, even Du Luo and Su Huixian were not accepted at first, but the big shot deliberately said that he did not care if Du Luo and the others were here.

When the general manager thought about it this way, this big shot must also be friends with Du Luo and Su Huixian.

Or at least, they did not hate them.

Thinking of this, the general manager went to Su Bei and whispered in her ear, “Miss Su, there are too many guests in Hall 5 next door.

They dont have enough tables.

Can temporarily borrow a few tables from Hall 5”

Su Bei looked at the general manager and said, “Of course.”

The hotel did not belong to her, and neither could she afford to book the whole place.

However, it was strange.

Why did he have to ask her Had Du Luo not booked the whole venue

Seeing that Su Bei was polite and kind, the general manager was very happy.

“Thank you, Miss Su.

Ill make the arrangements now.”

Soon, several more tables were brought over to Hall 6 for Du Luos guests.


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