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Chapter 369: Its The Same Wherever I Eat

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“Really Do you know anything good here”

“I didnt hear much, but I know they serve top-notch bluefin tuna.”

“Thats nothing.

Although top-notch bluefin tuna costs more than 5,000 yuan a fish, its not something Su Huixian cant afford to eat.

Look at you making a fuss over nothing.” Zhong Xiu pouted.

Su Huixian smiled reservedly.

Obviously, Zhong Xiu was more sophisticated than Zhu Fenfen.

Zhu Fenfen said, “Yes, but I heard from the people over there that this fish is not just the meat of a top-notch deep-sea bluefin tuna but the flesh of its cheeks.

The meat in its cheeks is the most tender and expensive.

But you can only get two pieces of meat the size of a small fingernail for every fish.

Usually, this kind of meat is not sold to outsiders.

But tonight, the chef wants to serve such a dish.

Isnt it extravagant”

Zhong Xiu was completely shocked.

Even Qiu Minxuan, who often followed Su Huixian around, could not help but feel touched.

Rich people really knew how to enjoy themselves.

The discussion stopped, and Zhu Fenfen suddenly saw someone in the next hall.

There was a delicate and elegant screen between Hall 5 and Hall 6.

If one did not pay attention to it, they would not notice the person opposite them.

Zhu Fenfen subconsciously thought that Du Luo must have reserved the whole hotel, so why were there other customers

“Huixian, look, Hall 5 is still welcoming guests.

Is the hotel not ready yet” Zhu Fenfen asked.

“Let them be.” Su Huixian was in a good mood today, so she did not want to argue with them.

“As long as it doesnt affect us.”

Zhu Fenfen looked at the people across them seriously and said, “No, they look like Su Bei and Lv Shan.”

Everyone looked over and could see the two figures clearly.

This made Su Huixian a little unhappy.

Although the fake pregnancy incident had already died down, Su Huixians reputation had not recovered.

It was just that she was shameless enough to walk freely in the company.

Any other female artist would have to rest for two or three months before showing up again.

Su Beis presence here would remind everyone that she had faked her pregnancy and miscarriage.

Su Huixian said to Qiu Minxuan, “Minxuan, go and have a look.”

What she meant was that Su Bei and Lv Shan had to have their meal somewhere else.

Qiu Minxuan immediately understood what she meant and walked toward the two women.

Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu also went to watch the show.

Su Bei and Lv Shan were drinking tea and chatting when they saw Qiu Minxuan coming from Hall 6.

“Su Bei, what a coincidence,” Qiu Minxuan said with a smile, “But I remember that Qian Yu Entertainment Company didnt invite you to their party today.”

“What party” Su Bei was completely confused.

She had not paid attention to anything related to them since she left Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

Thinking that Su Bei was pretending to be stupid, Qiu Minxuans face darkened slightly.

“Su Bei, Lv Shan, today is a good day for Huixian and Du Luo.

Weve booked the entire hotel.

I dont know why youre here.

But let me give you a piece of advice.

You can eat anywhere else you want.

Theres no need for you to be an eyesore at this event.”

Su Bei leaned sideways and said calmly, “Its the same wherever I choose to eat, so I want to eat here.

Cant I The manager didnt chase me away.

Youre really taking the initiative to do this, huh Why, dont you want to be Su Huixians manager anymore Do you want to be a waiter here instead”


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