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Chapter 364: The Balance In Her Heart

Du Luo had a splitting headache.

Memories of the past flooded his mind.

The love between him and Su Huixian had hurt Su Bei…

Su Huixian had indeed done a lot for him.

She was gentle, generous, and worked hard to win his love.

“You went to look for Su Bei last night, but she ignored you and only asked the security guard to send you here.

She really doesnt care about your past relationship,” Qiu Minxuan added.

Du Luo held his head and said, “Dont say anymore.

Let me have some peace and quiet.”

Seeing this, Qiu Minxuan walked out quietly.

The scales in Du Luos heart were still tilted toward Su Huixian.

He needed a woman to love and worship him.

Su Bei was too self-centered.

She could never prioritize him over everything.

Su Bei and Lu Heting chatted about Sheng Tang.

Lu Heting said that Sheng Tang had a good reputation in the industry, and the people in charge were all women.

Hence, Su Bei could consider signing the contract to see if it would do her well.

“Then Ill take your advice.”

“The person in charge is a woman.

Shell understand your work better.

Ill be more relieved if you go there.” Lu Heting agreed with her joining Sheng Tang.

Su Bei finally made up her mind.

She would sign a contract with Sheng Tang, and she would take up some work.

Even if she did not have much time left, she was still willing to work hard for her career.

Su Bei asked Lv Shan about Sheng Tang.

“Sheng Tang is not bad.

They have a unique way of training models.

In recent years, their company has introduced two models who have gained a foothold on the international stage.

Su Bei, if Tang Xinru likes you, you can consider it.”

“But I already told them that Ill only sign a short-term contract with them.

I dont want to extend the contract.”

Lv Shan smiled and said, “I know that you have a husband.

Although I dont know his identity, Ive always felt that hell give you a stable family and life.

You dont need to work so hard for your career.”

“Then, Lv Shan, can you come back and help me” Su Bei asked.

Lv Shan was stunned.

She did not expect that Su Bei to be fond of her.

“Arent you afraid that the ugly things Ive done in the past will affect your reputation”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Its precisely because I went to inquire about your background that I found out you didnt become a mistress of your own volition.

When you were with that man, you only knew that he had lost his wife but you didnt know that he had already married a rich mans wife in a low-profile manner.

When you found out, you immediately left.”

Lv Shans eyes suddenly turned red.

She had never mentioned this matter to anyone before because that man was a big shot.

Later, when his marriage was announced, the couple became known for their love.

Even if she told anyone about it, no one would believe her.

Su Bei had hit the nail on the head.

“Ill help you.

Sheng Tang wont let me be your agent, but I can be your assistant,” Lv Shan said solemnly.

It was not easy to find trustworthy partners in this industry.

She thought that she had found one.

Tang Xinru was overjoyed.

“Su Bei, you wont regret your decision.

I can guarantee that Sheng Tang can provide for you in ways Qian Yu Entertainment Company will never be able to.”

“President Tang, can I look for my own agent”

“Well… We have a professional agent wholl lead you well.

If you have a suitable person, get them to be your assistant.”


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