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Chapter 363: The Man At The Bottom Of The Family Hierarchy

Lu Heting felt sad.

Indeed, he could not compare to Gun Gun and Da Bao.

He wanted to spend more time with her, but all she could think about was Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Su Bei took another bite of another dish and said, “Oh, this tastes good too.

If only Da Bao and Gun Gun were here.”

She took another bite.

“Gun Gun loves this spicy meat dish the most.

Its so delicious.

Its a pity that hes not here.”

“Baby Da Bao loves steamed fish the most…” she murmured.

Lu Heting said in a low voice, “Ill cook for them when they come back.”


Thank you.

Have some fish too.

Help Da Bao eat more.” Su Bei pushed the fish to him.

It seemed that in family hierarchy, Gun Gun and Da Bao were of the same level but were also a level above Lu Heting.

Su Bei, on the other hand, was an existence beyond the hierarchy.

She was carefully protected by the three of them.

Lu Heting shut himself up.

Gun Gun and Da Bao would always be around.

When Su Bei finally stopped talking about Gun Gun and Da Bao, Gun Gun and Da Bao came back.

“Brother, Ive brought them back.” Lu Weijian winked at Lu Heting, wanting to say that he had given him enough time to better his relationship with Bei Bei.

Lu Heting was depressed.

The time was not even enough for Su Bei to talk about the two children.

If Su Beis heart could be divided into a hundred pieces, maybe only 0.05 pieces would be given to him.

Lu Heting looked at the two children seriously.

Back then, he should have fallen in love with Su Bei first before having a child…

At that time, he should not have been so anxious in the car.

However, when he looked at Gun Gun, he felt a little depressed.

Gun Gun was different from Da Bao.

Even Lu Heting and Su Bei could not be sure about him.

Sure enough, when Su Bei saw that the two munchkins were back she rushed over and hugged them while quickly avoiding Lu Heting.

She had clearly sensed how Lu Heting felt about her, so she had been avoiding talking to him at dinner.

There were some things that she could not give or promise, so she could not let anything slip.

Du Luo was taken to the hospital by the security guard.

When he woke up, he sat up with a splitting headache.

In his memory, he had seen Su Bei.

However, it seemed that she did not want to pay any attention to him.

She did not even want to talk to him.

Indeed, if it were him, he would not have bothered with a man like himself anymore… It was all his own fault.

The nurse led someone in.

It was Qiu Minxuan.

When she came over, she sat in front of Du Luo with red eyes.


Luo, Huixian is suffering from depression.

Shes seriously ill, so when she heard the news, she couldnt come to the hospital to take care of you.

But Mrs.

Xu and I have always been here.”

Du Luo smiled sarcastically.

Was she really suffering from depression

What about the child

Du Luo really could not tolerate this lie.

Qiu Minxuan said while sobbing, “In order to get pregnant with your child, Huixian has been conditioning her body and taking all kinds of medicine.

Look, this is her medical record.”

She took it out to prove how difficult it had been for Su Huixian.

“She really wanted to give birth to your child, and she also wants to give Mr.

and Mrs.

Du an explanation,” Qiu Minxuan said, “Although she may have hurt Su Bei, her love for you hasnt changed.

Besides, she really didnt collude with Dr.


She wanted a child too much, so she had a knot in her heart and thought that she was really pregnant…”


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