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Chapter 358: A Strange Scene

Su Bei felt that there was still a long way to go.

Lu Heting carried her all the way to the elevator, out of the elevator, through the door, and into the room…

Finally, when she felt her back against the mattress, she felt relieved.

Just as she was about to leave, she felt Lu Heting approaching her.

Something warm touched her forehead.

He kissed her between her eyebrows.

Su Beis heart beat wildly.

She could sense him looking at her for a while before whispering goodnight and leaving.

When the lights were turned off, the room was silent again.

In the darkness, Su Beis heartbeat was still loud and clear.

She turned around and hugged Gun Gun.

Yes, she had to admit that she liked Lu Heting and wanted to live with him for the rest of her life.

However, a lifetime was a long time.

Her life could only be decided by the heavens…

At night, Su Bei did not sleep well.

In the morning, she hugged the blanket and did not wake up.

Gun Gun quietly walked out and closed the door while shushing everyone.

“Bei Bei is still sleeping.

Dont make any noise.”

Da Bao, who was reading a book, looked at him lazily and said, “It seems that youre the only one making noise, right”

Aunt Chen was busy in the kitchen while Lu Heting was reading the financial newspaper.

Gun Guns little face broke into a smile.

Well, Brother Da Bao seemed to be right.

There was a knock on the door and Gun Guns big eyes lit up.

He rushed to the door, opened it, and said, “Shh! Bei Bei is sleeping.

Dont make a sound.”

Lu Weijian, who was standing at the door, immediately fell silent.

Lu Heting glanced at him.

Lu Weijian replied with a meaningful look in his eyes that meant to say,Since our mother could come, that means I can come here too, right Dont look at me like that.

I didnt make a sound.

Im very obedient.

He took off and lifted his leather shoes, telling Lu Heting that he was being obedient by only wearing socks.

Lu Heting looked away, too lazy to look at him.

Da Bao just looked at him and said hello.

Lu Weijian sat on the sofa.

From Lu Heting to Gun Gun, they were all quietly doing their own things.

It was as if they had a tacit understanding even though the soundproofing of this house was actually very good.

However, everyone still tried their best to keep quiet for Su Beis sake.

The whole family was so in sync that Lu Weijian felt like he was sitting on needles.

He was not someone who could stay calm.

He scratched his head and looked at this and that.

Gun Gun quietly played with his toys.

Da Bao was reading seriously, while Lu Heting was focused on reading the newspaper.

He also looked at Lu Weijian, meaning to say,If you cant sit still, you can leave first.

Dont force yourself.

Lu Weijian immediately thought back,Of course I can.

He also picked up the financial newspaper and read it seriously.

After washing up, Su Bei saw such a strange scene.

The whole family, including Lu Weijian, was sitting quietly in the living room, doing their own things.

The scene looked strange and particularly harmonious.

Gun Gun got up and hugged Su Beis thigh.

“Bei Bei, did you sleep well”

“I slept well.

It was so sweet and comfortable.” Su Bei could tell that everyone was afraid of disturbing her sleep, which explained such a scene.

She felt touched and warm inside.

She hugged Gun Gun and kissed his round face.


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