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Chapter 354: Right Now

Both the assistant and Song Ruinian glanced at the contract.

The unreasonable statements on it had all been marked.

They were all the rules that Qian Yu Entertainment Company had broken in order to better control their artists.

These rules restrained artists, but they did not place any requirements on the company.

If these two big shots helped Su Bei win the lawsuit, all the artists in Qian Yu Entertainment Company who had a promising future would immediately follow suit and terminate their contracts with them.

At that time, the gains would not make up for the losses!

Su Bei smiled and said, “Director Song, I cherish my time.

I hope that you can terminate the contract as soon as possible.

Of course, if you want to file a lawsuit, lets do it.”

Song Ruinian said, “Well terminate the contract.

Come to the company tomorrow…”

“I want to do it now.

Right away.

Director Song, it shouldnt be a problem to have the companys legal department work a little longer, right”

Song Ruinian gritted his teeth and said, “Ill call them right away.”

Soon, the legal department of Qian Yu Entertainment Company arrived.

In front of the two big shots of Di Xing Media Company, they signed and stamped the contract, giving Su Bei her freedom.

Su Bei picked up her contract termination documents and walked out with a smile.

After thanking the two lawyers, she ran toward Lu Hetings car.

“Im back.” Su Bei got in the car.

Lu Heting had been paying attention to the development of the situation the whole time, so he knew everything that had happened.

He smiled and asked, “Was everything okay”

“Everything went smoothly.

Everything was under control.

Ill show you my contract termination.”

“Then you can take a good rest for the time being.”

Su Bei thought that it made sense.

She could take this time to accompany Da Bao and Gun Gun.

She handed the card that Mrs.

Du had given her to Lu Heting and said, “Here, take this back.

Since Su Huixian helped me foot the bill for my penalty fee, I dont need this money anymore.”

“Mom said that you should keep it.” Lu Heting did not want her to work too hard.

“Well, I cant spend that much anyway.

Why dont you just keep it Or you can use it for something else.

I dont know anything about money management.

All I know is that its meaningless to keep it in your card.”

Lu Heting smiled and said, “Even if I take it back, Ill just be holding onto it.

Its better left with you.”

“Then Ill keep it first.” Seeing that he was determined not to accept it, Su Bei decided to keep it.

After all, she would end up leaving her things to him when the time came, let alone his own money.

Lu Heting smiled.

She was finally willing to accept his gift.

It was not easy to give something away.

After returning home, Su Bei could finally have a good nights sleep.

On Weibo that night, everyone was yelling curses.

Su Huixian was scolded badly.

Qiu Minxuan appeared and blamed everything on the unknown assistant.

“At that time, it was the assistant and Doctor Chen who saw that Huixian badly wanted to get pregnant.

In order to make Huixian happy, they deliberately lied to her.

Huixian didnt know about it at the beginning.

It was also the assistant and Doctor Chen who came up with the miscarriage.

Huixian never knew anything about it.

Besides, she has severe depression now and her physical condition is very bad.

Weve already handed the assistant to the police to deal with it.

Please stop spreading rumors.”

Qian Yu Entertainment Company and the Su family had also quickly contacted each other.

They agreed to push the blame to the assistant.

Qian Yu Entertainment Company quickly released a statement to defend Su Huixian while issuing a lawyers letter to the assistant.


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