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Chapter 353: If We Dont Agree, We Cant Terminate The Contract

Song Ruinian had always been a fence sitter, but he had never suffered losses.

He was already very familiar with this trick.

He personally poured Su Bei a cup of tea and said, “Su Bei, you can choose whichever agent you want to work with.”

Su Bei smiled.

“No need.

I dont like any of them.”

“So youve taken a fancy to someone outside This is a little tricky.

Its not easy to poach people nowadays.” Song Ruinian did not expect that Su Bei would have other ideas.

No matter what, she was just a newcomer.

Her foundation was too shallow.

“I want to cancel my contract,” Su Bei said straightforwardly.

Song Ruinian put the teacup on the table and said, “Su Bei, the company is very optimistic about your future.

Weve also helped you get a lot of resources…”

“I dont want any of them.

I just want to terminate the contract.

Ive already brought my own contract and termination agreement here.

If you agree, our contract will be terminated.”

The expression on Song Ruinians face changed.

“Su Bei, do you know what the penalty is Can you afford it”

He hoped that Su Bei was just impractical.

“Will you agree to terminate the contract if I pay the penalty”

“Then take out the money first.” Song Ruinian expected that she would not be able to take out ten million yuan.

What a joke! She had only taken a few jobs but she had already amassed such a large sum of money

Su Bei slammed the check on the table.

It was clearly written on it—ten million yuan.

Not a cent less.

This was the ten million yuan that Lu Heting had taken from Doctor Chens account.

No one knew where it went.

As for how Doctor Chen and Su Huixian would argue about it, it was their own business.

Besides, Doctor Chen and Su Huixian were now being detained by the police.

They could not even protect themselves now, so they would not be able to investigate the whereabouts of the money either.

For every grievance, there was a debtor.

It was Su Huixians fault that Su Bei could not stay in the company.

Hence, Su Huixian would pay for her penalty fee.

Looking at the check on the table, Song Ruinians face darkened.

His assistant picked up the check, carefully looked at it, and said in a low voice, “Director Song, this is real.”

“So what if its true If we dont agree, we cant terminate the contract.

Su Bei, go through the legal procedures!” Song Ruinian stood up and slammed the table.

If she had to go through legal procedures, Su Bei would have to engage in a battle with the companys legal department.

Song Ruinian would delay it for as long as he possibly could.

Women did not have a long time to spend.

Time was their most precious asset.

Su Bei had already expected Song Ruinian to do this.

That was why Lu Heting had already gotten help from the two lawyers who helped Su Bei post on Weibo last time and they had come with her.

The door was pushed open and two lawyers walked in.


Song, were lawyers from Di Xing Media Company, a subsidiary of Lu Group.

Now that weve taken over Miss Sus contract termination case, weve discovered that there are all kinds of unreasonable agreements between you and your artists.

Since you want to go through legal procedures, lets proceed then.”

These two lawyers were famous big shots in the legal industry.

They were also highly regarded in Di Xing Media Company.

They had never lost a lawsuit.

They put the contract with Qian Yu Entertainment Company on the table.

Their expressions were cold and businesslike while they gave off an invisible pressure.


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