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Chapter 350: Give Everyone An Explanation

Doctor Chen looked at her and said, “Miss Su, Im really sorry.

From the very beginning, I shouldnt have taken your money and helped you to fake the reports so you could hide the truth from your fiance and family.

I shouldnt have listened to you every time you made a mistake.

I shouldnt have performed a fake abortion on you as I ended up hurting innocent people.

“I know that you really want to get pregnant and make Mr.

and Mrs.

Du happy, but lies will never become the truth.”

“Hes lying.

I didnt do such a thing…” Su Huixian shook her head.” I really didnt…”

Everyone was confused.

Between Su Bei and Su Huixian, which one of them had bribed Doctor Chen

Who was the one who gave money to Doctor Chen

Su Huixian was so emotional that no one knew who to believe.

Su Bei said, “Well, let me tell you this.

In this hospital, Doctor Chens medical skills are mediocre at best.

Hes not an expert or a professor, and he hasnt made any special contributions in this field.

But Su Huixian has always been looking for Doctor Chen.

With Su Huixians family background and income, why would she look for a doctor with such qualifications to carry out prenatal check-ups”

As soon as Su Bei said this, everyone realized what was going on.

If Doctor Chen was really a mediocre doctor, then there must be something fishy about Su Huixian looking for him all the time.

“Also, when she fell, there was a nearby maternity hospital near the company.

She could have gone there to save the baby.

But Su Huixian strongly insisted that they look for Doctor Chen in this hospital.

Would a mother who desperately wants to protect her child make such a choice” Su Bei asked.

At the same time, she took out Su Huixians statement from the ambulance that day.

The statement showed that Su Huixian had refused to go to the nearest hospital for treatment.

She insisted that they come to this hospital where Doctor Chen would treat her.

It was obvious what was going on.

All of a sudden, the crowd exclaimed, “Su Huixian, can you explain the two suspicious points that Su Bei mentioned”

“Give everyone an explanation!”

“Su Huixian, were you ever pregnant or not”

At this moment, not only Su Huixian but also Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin were panicking.

They had never thought that their daughter would do such a thing.

They felt that Su Bei was slandering Su Huixian, but they could not convince themselves to respond to the two suspicious points raised by Su Bei.

“Su Huixian, do you have anything else to say”

“Su Huixian, were you really pregnant before this”

At this moment, Su Huixian was facing the reporters questions.

The fans and onlookers also questioned, “It seems that Su Huixian was never pregnant.

But why did she do that”

“I really want to know what happened.

Why isnt Su Huixian explaining herself”

“I knew that Su Bei wouldnt do such a thing.

If you guys still dont believe it, come here and Ill slap your face.”

Qiu Minxuan picked up the microphone and said hurriedly, “Huixian is not in good health right now.

Well give everyone an explanation afterward.

Please dont panic.

We should let Huixian rest first.”

The reporters all knew that this was just Qiu Minxuans way of escaping.

If they really let Qiu Minxuan and Su Huixian leave, they might never get to know the truth of the matter again.

This also proved that Su Huixian was guilty.


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