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Chapter 349: Testify At The Scene

Su Huixian said angrily, “Evidence Then Ill tell everyone what the evidence is.

The evidence is that youve always been eyeing my fiance, Du Luo.

You have feelings for him, so you cant bear to see me and Du Luo get along well.

Thats why you want to break us up and you dont want to see me give birth to his child.

Jealousy is the evidence of your instigation.

All of this is clear!”

Su Huixians words made sense.

Besides, the news with Du Luo had been on the internet for a long time.

Everyone was obviously on her side.

Su Bei liked Du Luo, so Su Bei did not like Su Huixian.

Su Bei pushed Su Huixian and caused her to have a miscarriage.

This formed a complete chain of evidence.

The situation was completely unfavorable for Su Bei.

Except for Su Beis loyal fans who were on her side, everyone else was on Su Huixians side.

Su Bei looked at Su Huixian and said firmly, “Su Huixian, will you take responsibility for everything you say Are you sure what youre saying is all true”

Looking at Su Bei, Su Huixian suddenly felt a little scared.

Deep down, she knew that it was too late to back out now.

She had no choice but to go with it.

How could Su Bei find out about what she had done She had also bribed Doctor Chen, so she had not left any trails.

“My words are completely true,” Su Huixian said righteously.

Su Bei looked at the reporters in front of her and said, “Then Ill tell you the truth now.

From beginning till the end, Su Huixian was never pregnant.”

Su Huixians face turned deathly pale.

“Su Bei, youre lying!”

Qiu Minxuans expression also changed.

Her words caused a stir.

“How is that possible How can Su Bei say such a thing”

“Is Su Bei going to push the blame”

“Whats going on”

Su Bei said loudly, “Su Huixian was never pregnant.

I cant infer the reason why she told everyone that she was pregnant, but I think it might be to please her future in-laws.

All I can tell you is that her pregnancy before was fake.

The medical reports were all faked by her doctor.”

The reporter immediately asked, “Su Bei, do you have any evidence”

“How can we trust you without any evidence”

“We have to give the public a convincing explanation.”

Su Bei said, “Ive already invited Doctor Chen, the one who examined her each time she came to the hospital, to the scene.

You can ask the doctor if Im telling the truth or not.

Im sorry that I came a little late just now and caused you some inconvenience as I also had something to say to Doctor Chen.

Please come on stage now, doctor.”

Su Huixians expression changed drastically.

She glanced at Qiu Minxuan, who was also flustered.

She had asked her assistant to keep an eye on Doctor Chen, but she did not know that he had been in contact with anybody.

Before she came here just now, Doctor Chen was still writing medical records in his office.

Following Su Beis words, Doctor Chen walked in.

Of course, with Lu Hang there to control the situation, Doctor Chen could not do anything.

He could only listen obediently.

He came to the front of the stage and said to everyone, “Hello, everyone.

Im Su Huixians attending physician.

Its true that I faked all the examination reports since she claimed to be pregnant.

Her miscarriage was also false and it was never true.

Here, I can show you her real report.”

“Doctor Chen, youre lying! Why are you doing this to me How much did Su Bei give you” Su Huixian shouted.


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