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Chapter 347: It Must Be Her Guilty Conscience

The comments were also filled with Su Huixians fans standing united while rejoicing.

“Su Huixian, whats the main topic of your press conference today Can you tell us” the reporters immediately asked, trying to direct the topic.

Qiu Minxuan took the microphone and said, “Huixian is not in good health because of the miscarriage, so Im afraid she wont be able to answer your questions.

As her agent, I can answer all of your questions.

Also, Huixian will be sitting down for this event.

I hope you can all understand.”

Immediately, a nurse thoughtfully brought a chair to Su Huixian.

Su Huixian sat down weakly.

Qiu Minxuan announced to everyone, “Everyone knows that after Huixian and Du Luo got engaged, she started preparing to build a family with him.

She reduced her workload and put her family ahead of her career.

Soon after, she got pregnant.

“After she got pregnant, Huixian cared about this child very much.

She was also very careful because it was the fruit of her and Du Luos love.

“That day, Huixian listened to the company and participated in the team-building event.

She got along well with everyone there.

When she went to the washroom, Su Bei followed her in.

“It was all my fault as I was a little careless.

Since we were in the company, I thought everything would be alright and I didnt go to the washroom with Huixian.

I was outside sorting out the gifts that Su Huixians fans had given her.

“If I had known that something would happen, I wouldve stayed by Huixians side no matter what to prevent her from getting hurt.

I feel so regretful and guilty for not doing what a good agent shouldve done.

Not long after Huixian entered the washroom, she and Su Bei collided with each other.

I dont know why Su Bei hit Huixians stomach, causing her to miscarry.

“This incident has caused Huixian a lot of pain and hurt.

She has been crying every day, and her body and mind have been severely impacted.

“I also have to admit my mistake for not being with Huixian at the time.

“As for Su Bei, one of the parties involved, although Huixian doesnt blame her, I still hope that she can come and make things clear on the spot.

Shell give an explanation to Huixian, the Du family, the Su family, and the media as well as fans who care about Huixian.”

After Qiu Minxuan was done talking, the audience began to discuss.

“I knew it.

It has something to do with Su Bei, after all.”

“I didnt believe it when I saw the news online.

I didnt expect that shes really the perpetrator.”

“How can Huixian be willing to forgive her just like this Shes really generous.”

“I hope Su Huixian will get what she deserves.”

“I didnt expect Su Bei to have a black heart when shes so beautiful.

You really cant judge a book by its cover.”

Su Huixian was so pitiful that even the reporters could not stand it anymore.

They felt that Su Bei was too cruel and should not have done such a thing.

After some discussion, the reporters paused in their actions.

They realized that Su Bei had not arrived yet.

They looked around and asked, “Wheres Su Bei Why dont I see her”

“Thats right.

Why hasnt she shown up”

Qiu Minxuan said, “Su Bei asked us to gather here at eight oclock so that she could give an explanation.

Thats strange.

Where is she”

As soon as she said this, the crowd started creating a ruckus.

“Is Su Bei not coming”

“It must be her guilty conscience thats stopping her from coming!”

“How would she dare to come to something like this Isnt she afraid of being stepped on by Su Huixians fans”

“If she doesnt even have the courage to face the consequences of her actions, Ill be so disappointed in her.”


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