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Chapter 345: Taking The Initiative To Apologize

Qiu Minxuan nodded.

“Okay, Ill make sure to handle it well.”

She had to get all the reporters she could find.

When the time came, Su Beis reputation would be ruined.

She immediately came up with a list in her mind.

Song Ruinian patted Su Beis shoulder regretfully and said, “Su Bei, no one wants this to happen.

But we can only try our best to minimize the impact.”

Su Bei smiled mysteriously.

After the press conference, she would immediately ask to terminate her contract.

‘Everyone, just wait.

After Qiu Minxuan left, she contacted all the reporters and told them that Su Bei wanted to apologize.

This matter happened to be a trending topic in the past few days.

When the reporters heard that Su Bei not only wanted to apologize in public but also live-stream it, they were so excited that they immediately got ready.

Moreover, Qiu Minxuan also posted the news on Weibo.

“Tonight at eight oclock, Su Bei will apologize to Su Huixian and broadcast this live.

Everyone, please pay attention.

This will be the final statement released regarding this incident.”

In an instant, the public was in an uproar.

“Su Bei is going to apologize! Does this mean that Su Bei was the one who did it Shes the culprit!”

“Ive already told you that Su Bei must have pushed her.

But you all refused to believe me.

Su Beis fans came out to defend their idol only to get beaten up!”


I dont want to hear it.”

“Thats impossible! Xiao Bei would never do such a thing! History proves that people are just slandering her.”

“Dont curse at my Su Xiaobei.

She is the most beautiful.”

“Im just waiting for the scene to unfold.

Im just here to watch, so itd be best if they end up fighting.”

“The popcorn is all ready.

Ill wait for eight oclock tonight.”

When Su Xingfu saw the news, he snorted.

“At least Su Bei is sensible enough to apologize.”

“So what if she apologizes Huixian lost a child! We cant allow her to act so rampantly!” Xu Zhiqin said unhappily.

Of course, Su Xingfu did not want to do that either.

However, Su Bei was an adult now and had her own opinions.

It was also obvious that someone was still protecting her.

Su Xingfu had failed to look into the man from that day.

He did not know who he was.

However, since Su Bei was in the entertainment industry, she must have a lot of connections.

It was already good enough for her to apologize to Su Huixian.

“What else do you want, then”

Xu Zhiqin thought about it.

What else could she do but accept the apology

She sighed and said, “Hubby, it hasnt been easy for Huixian.

Shes been struggling to survive.

Now, such a thing has even happened to her.

We can let Su Bei go, but we have to treat Su Huixian better in the future.”

“Of course.”

Du Luo stayed in the ward with Su Huixian.

She looked much better now.

“Su Bei will come over tonight to apologize to you.

At least shes being sensible now,” Du Luo said.

“Im sorry, Du Luo.

Its all because of me… I knew that Su Bei has always held a grudge against us.

I never wanted to have a dispute with her.

In fact, Ive been wanting to reconcile with her.

Anyway, its my fault that our sisterly relationship is only getting further and further apart.”

“Silly girl, its not your fault,” Du Luo said, feeling sorry for her.

Su Huixian was in low spirits.

She lowered her eyes slightly, appearing magnanimous and kind.

Du Luo stood up and said, “I wont be here tonight.

I have something to deal with in the company.”


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