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Chapter 336: Pain Lasts Only For A Moment

Xu Zhiqin cried and complained.

Su Xingfus face was livid with anger and anxiety.

Du Luo was also in a bad mood.

He had lost his baby, and Su Huixian was still lying in the hospital bed, suffering.

It made his heart ache.

Thinking of the man who appeared beside Su Bei today, he felt a little upset.

That man looked so much better than him…

Finally, they returned to the hospital.

Du Changwei and Sun Jingping had already left.

After dealing with the aftermath, Song Ruinian came over and said, “Mr.

Luo, the company has arranged the best ward for Huixian and paid for her medical bills.

If you need any help, just let me know.”

“Thank you, Director Song.

You should head back first,” Du Luo said.

Du Luo entered Su Huixians ward.

The nurse was giving her an IV drip.

Su Huixian was asleep, but there were still tears on her face and her eyes were red.

The nurse said in a low voice, “The patient needs more rest.”

Du Luo sat down in front of Su Huixian and held her hand with heartache.

He had weighed the pros and cons of choosing Su Huixian.

She was gentle, generous, sensible, and calm.

She was the best candidate to be his wife.

However, he failed to protect her well and gave Su Bei a chance to hurt her.

Why did Su Bei do this to Su Huixian again and again

Du Luo was really disappointed.

Su Bei was fine before, but now, she was jealous, vicious, and aggressive.

Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin stood by the side, wiping their tears.

They had not protected their daughter well, and they had not gotten justice for her yet.

As parents, they were also anxious.

Su Huixians eyes slowly opened.

“Huixian, youre finally awake!” Xu Zhiqin cried.

“Mom, dont cry.

Please dont worry,” Su Huixian said softly.

She was the one in the most pain, but she was comforting her mother upon waking up.

Both Su Xingfu and Du Luo felt sorry for her, thinking that her sincerity was a rare trait.

Xu Zhiqin cried, “My heart is aching to see you suffer.

How can we go on knowing that the baby is gone Ive even bought clothes for the baby.”

Tears streamed down Su Huixians face.

“Mom, its okay… The pain is only temporary.

It wont last forever.

Maybe I was just not destined to be with that baby.

I believe that he can be reincarnated into a better family.

He can live a peaceful life in the future…”

Her words made everyones hearts ache even more.

Du Luo also burst into tears.

“Huixian, dont be too sad.

Take care of yourself.

Well have another baby in the future.”

“Du Luo, dont be too sad.

I was really angry with Su Bei just now.

I thought that she was too vicious.

How could she treat me and my baby like this No matter what, she shouldnt have done that…”

Xu Zhiqin said guiltily, “Your father and I have already gone to her to seek justice, but Su Bei is really stubborn.

She keeps saying that she hasnt done anything wrong.

Were useless, and we havent done anything for you.”

Su Xingfu said angrily, “Shes afraid of ruining her reputation, so of course she denied it.

Since she was a child, she has always been like this.

Forget it.

Its true that Ive failed to educate her.

Just let her be in the future.”

He was utterly disappointed.


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