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Chapter 334: Murderer!

“Im not the Su Bei from the past who will let you hit and scold me as you please anymore.

In the past, I could let you wrongly accuse me, but now, Ill never put up with it again!” Su Bei grabbed his wrist tightly.

Su Xingfu could not break free from Su Beis grip.

He flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“You unfilial daughter! How could the Su family have a daughter like you You pushed Huixian and caused her to miscarry.

How dare you lay a hand on your biological father now!”

Hearing that Su Huixian really had a miscarriage, Su Bei was stunned for a moment.

Poor baby.

However, she had no sympathy for Su Huixian at all.

It was just like how she felt about her father.

Xiao Rou rushed over and said, “Lets talk nicely.

Dont fight, dont fight.”

However, her words were useless.

She called the security guards over, who rushed over to stop the fight.

Su Xingfus eyes turned red.

“Who dares to come here and stop me Im teaching my daughter a lesson.

Who dares to interfere”

No one dared to step forward after hearing his words.

Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu both rushed to film the scene in front of them.

If Su Beis reputation was ruined, her extra resources would be reallocated to them.

Su Bei shook off Su Xingfus hand and said, “Its meaningless to argue with you about these things.

I didnt push Su Huixian.

Her miscarriage has nothing to do with me.”

At this moment, Xu Zhiqin and Du Luo also arrived.

Xu Zhiqin rushed toward Su Bei crazily, wanting to tear her apart.

Du Luo stopped her and said, “Aunt, dont hit Su Bei yet.

Lets find out what happened.”

Xu Zhiqin was stopped from getting close to Su Bei.

She shouted, “Su Bei, youve done such a heartless thing! You deserve to die a horrible death! Youll get your retribution sooner or later! My poor grandson hasnt even appeared in this world but youve already killed him.

Youre a murderer! A murderer!”

The people around them did not dare to step forward and talk some sense into Xu Zhiqin.

More and more people gathered around Su Bei.

With tears in his eyes, Du Luo said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, you can go back first.

But I hope you can give an explanation for this matter.”

“I have nothing to say.

Ive already said what I wanted to say just now.

I didnt do it!” With a determined expression, Su Bei did not even glance at Du Luo from the corners of her eyes.

Xu Zhiqin shouted at Su Xingfu, “What are you waiting for Break Su Beis legs now! Shes a troublemaker and a murderer.

She doesnt even let her own sister off.

Why are you still hesitating”

Enraged, Su Xingfu walked toward Su Bei again.

In a fit of anger, he threw a punch at her.

The people around screamed, but they could not interfere in another familys affairs.

The people standing in front were all young women.

No one could stop Su Xingfu.

The men in the back wanted to help Su Bei, but they did not have the chance.

Just as Su Xingfus fist was about to hit Su Bei, she was pulled into a strong embrace.

She looked up and saw the coldness in Lu Hetings eyes.

He reached out his hand and pushed Su Xingfu aside.

Lu Heting was not heavy-handed seeing as Su Xingfu was Su Beis father.

Otherwise, Su Xingfu would have several broken ribs now.

Everyone around also clearly saw how a handsome man had suddenly appeared beside Su Bei.


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