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Chapter 333: I Want To Have A Son

Du Luo immediately rushed out and chased after Su Xingfu.

However, Su Xingfu had already driven away.

Xu Zhiqin also followed him.

Du Luo had no choice but to take Xu Zhiqin with him.

Du Changwei and Sun Jingping comforted Su Huixian, saying, “Huixian, no matter what, well seek justice for our grandson and make Su Bei pay the price for her actions.

You need to rest well.”

“I will, Uncle and Aunt.

Ive always wanted to give birth to a son for Du Luo.

Its all my fault.”

“Its not your fault.

Its all Su Beis fault!” Sun Jingping was really angry with Su Bei.

Su Bei was waiting for Song Ruinian in the company.

After the incident with Su Huixian, Song Ruinian also came to the hospital to deal with the aftermath.

Su Bei waited for him to come back so that she could terminate her contract.

She did not want to stay in this awful company for another minute.

She had to cancel her contract and leave.

However, Song Ruinian did not show up.

She had already seen Qiu Minxuans post on Weibo.

At this moment, those who did not know the truth were scolding Su Bei.

Even so, many fans came to ask about Su Beis situation with concern.

After the previous few incidents, they had become Su Beis loyal fans.

No matter what happened, they would choose to believe Su Bei first and understand the details of the situation so that they could help her defend herself.

Lv Shan appeared in several fangroups and comforted them.

“Su Bei is still your Su Bei.

She wont do anything bad.

You cant listen to everything on the Internet.”

Although she did not know what had happened to Su Bei, she still stood up for her at the first opportunity.

Su Bei was very touched.

She stepped forward and told her fans, “Everyone, dont panic.

I didnt push Su Huixian, and I didnt hurt her.

The truth is the truth.

What hasnt happened cant be true.

Please believe me and give me some time to clear my name.”

The fans were relieved and said, “All the best, Su Xiaobei.

We believe in you and will wait for you.

We really love you!”

Feeling warm inside, Su Bei was about to reply when Lu Heting called.

She quickly answered.

“Heting, I was about to call you.

Have you seen the news I didnt push Su Huixian.

I came to the company today to cancel the contract.”

“Of course, you didnt.

You wouldnt have done such a thing,” Lu Heting said firmly.

Su Bei calmed herself down and smiled.

“Then Ill go home after seeing Song Ruinian.”

“Im almost at the company.

Ill pick you up.” Lu Heting had a feeling that things would get out of hand, especially with the Su parents.

They did not have any feelings for Su Bei, so they would never defend her.

“Okay, Ill wait for you,” Su Bei replied immediately.

It was great that he was coming.

When she was alone and helpless, so many people had come to stand on her side.

Suddenly, a figure rushed into the room and rushed toward Su Bei.

It was the furious Su Xingfu.

He was so angry that his face was dark.

“Su Bei!”

When Su Bei stood up, Su Xingfu had already rushed to her and wanted to slap her in a fit of anger.

Su Bei grabbed his wrist tightly.

Su Xingfu did not expect that Su Bei would dare to resist him, so he got even angrier.

“Su Bei, youre going against the heavens! How dare you lay a hand on your own father!”


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