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Chapter 328: Priceless

Everyone knew that Wang Yizhi liked arts and paintings a lot.

He was very knowledgeable about it.

They were all curious about the gift that Su Bei had received.

They guessed that it might be from a master.

It was probably worth hundreds of thousands of yuan.

If it was an outstanding one, it might even be worth millions.

In that case, Su Beis gift was not bad.

However, judging from the way Su Bei casually put it away, it was obvious that she did not understand this piece of art.

Giving Su Bei this piece of art by a master was like giving pearls to a pig.

Zhu Fenfen patted her chest and secretly rejoiced.

Fortunately, she had not ruined the painting.

Otherwise, she would not be able to pay up the hundreds of thousands as compensation.

Feng Ze thought,A few hundred thousands I cant afford it!

The host asked Wang Yizhi curiously, “Sir, how is Su Beis gift compared to Su Huixians”

After all, todays event was a competition.

The host had to determine the victory fair and square.

Wang Yizhi glanced at Su Bei.

He was asked how Su Huixians gifts compared to Su Beis painting

What a joke.

How could someone compare such a priceless gift with the other things here How could a firefly outshine the sun and moon


Wang, feel free to say whatever you want.” Qiu Minxuan was very confident in Su Huixians gifts.

Both she and Su Huixian thought that Wang Yizhi was taking into consideration Su Beis dignity by not saying anything.

In reality, Wang Yizhi was afraid that the valuable painting would cause trouble to Su Bei once revealed.

Su Bei shook her head slightly and begged him not to say anything.

She never wanted to receive Feng Zes painting, let alone one with a love message on it!

What love was there Had she not already rejected him

They had known each other for more than ten years, but they never had any sparks with each other.

Even in another ten years, it was unlikely for them to get together.

Wang Yizhi coughed lightly and said, “Su Beis painting is not bad.

However, the winner today is Su Huixian.”

Su Beis painting was a priceless treasure! How could a diamond and jewelry be compared to it

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled victoriously.

Wang Yizhi had been holding himself back for a long time and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

He could only say that Su Huixians gifts were more valuable than Su Beis.

The host announced, “Then the winner today will be Su Huixian.

Shes indeed the new star of this generation with so many loyal fans.

The award thatll be presented to her today is…”

Su Bei looked away and enjoyed her milk.

To her, this packet of milk was a priceless treasure.

Gun Gun was just as important to her as Da Bao.

She was so happy to have such good sons.

They were truly priceless!

Wang Yizhi walked up to Su Bei and sincerely asked, “Su Bei, can I take a look at your painting again when Im free”

He handed her a cup of coffee to express his goodwill.

“Sure,” Su Bei agreed readily.

If it had not been a portrait of her, she really wanted to give it to Wang Yizhi.

Paintings should be given to people who knew how to appreciate them.

“Then Ill treat you to coffee next time.” Wang Yizhi seldom made friends with others.

When he whispered to Su Bei, it naturally attracted Su Huixians attention.

Su Huixians eyes lit up.

Su Bei was really talented in seducing men.

How did she manage to get a man like Wang Yizhi

What kind of seductive ability did she have


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