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Chapter 326: Picasso of the East

How poor could her fans be Did they think that Su Bei was so poor that she could not even afford to drink milk

“The delivery fee is enough to buy two boxes of milk, right How could the fan only send one box over It seems that your fan isnt very good at math,” Zhong Xiu said with a smile.

Su Huixian also smiled and said, “Dont say that.

No matter what kind of gift your fans give you, its the thought that counts.”

When she said this, everyone would naturally think of the diamond and jewelry she had just received.

Who cared about the thoughts of others Everyone would rather have diamonds, okay

In comparison, Su Beis gifts looked too shabby.

Su Bei was not bothered by it.

She took out the packet of milk and found a small piece of paper stuck on it.

There were a few words written on it, seemingly having been written by a child.

“Its for Bei Bei! Bei Bei, you must drink it!”

Su Beis heart melted.

It turned out it was from Gun Gun.

It seemed that it had been left here for a while.

Gun Gun must have sent it to her when she just met him.

It was because neither Su Bei nor Lv Shan cared about gifts, so they did not open the packages prior.

Thinking of Gun Guns cute smile, Su Bei was content.

She picked up the packet of milk and took a sip.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan both smiled gently, but their hearts were full of contempt.

Su Bei could only amount to this much.

She was about to open the last gift, but someone beat her to it.

Su Bei held the milk that she had not finished drinking and let them open her gift as they wished.

After all, not even the stars in the sky or the diamonds from South Africa were as important as this packet of milk in her hand.

“Wonder what itll be this time Lets check it for you.”

Zhu Fenfen picked up the exquisite brocade box first.

It looked very modest but eye-catching.

She casually opened it, only to find an abstract painting inside.

It was a portrait of Su Bei.

Zhu Fenfen picked it up with her fingers as though she was holding something disgusting.

Then, she laughed and said, “Look! Su Bei received a portrait.

Hahaha! Its very abstract and ugly.

What kind of fan would send over the drafts they drew when they were practicing”

The others also could not help laughing as well because the painting was too ugly.

The portrait was really unbearable to look at.

“Its such a waste to use an exquisite box to keep such a painting.”

“I can draw hundreds of such paintings a day!”

Zhu Fenfen casually handed it to someone else and did not think much of it.

Su Bei suddenly knew who sent the painting to her.

Was it not drawn by Feng Ze

Why had Feng Ze sent the painting to her company so casually

Just how lightly did he take his own work Why did he not do things properly

Feng Ze was born talented and good-looking.

When he was in the United States, several famous painters had called his abstract art a masterpiece.

He was known as the Picasso of the East.

He seldom drew, but each of his paintings had shocked the Western countries.

The auctioning price for his work reached an astronomical figure.

However, he had a strange personality.

He never opened any art exhibitions, did not accept any interviews, and did not accept any custom orders.

He would never mention anything about painting.

Many rich people would come to him with huge checks, but he would not even bat an eye at them.

The more he did this, the more people sought after him.

The more popular he got, the less Feng Ze wanted to paint.

Feng Ze thought,Isnt it just money Do I really need to make money by painting


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