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Chapter 325: Spent Money to Get Zombie Fans

Su Huixians ears were filled with the envious words of others, and this lit up her face.

Song Ruinian also had high hopes for Su Huixians future.

It seemed that Su Huixian was definitely going to take the lead in todays event.

The host was also envious of Su Huixian and announced, “I think we can agree that Su Huixian will be the winning actress for todays event.

Does anyone have any objections”

Everyone shook their heads to express their agreement.

Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu crowded around Su Huixian to admire her diamond and jewelry.

Zhong Xiu suddenly asked, “Wheres Su Bei I didnt see her coming to receive the gifts.

Isnt she one of the most popular actresses nowadays”

Zhu Fenfen also said, “Host, it seems that Su Bei hasnt received the gifts from her fans yet.”

Qiu Minxuan pointed at the dozen or so items on the table and said, “These are the gifts Su Bei received.

Im afraid they wont change the result of todays selection.”

Everyone laughed.

“But its strange.

Su Bei has had a lot of endorsements and activities recently.

Why doesnt she have any fans to give her anything Is her popularity…” Zhu Fenfen deliberately stopped talking upon reaching that point.

However, the meaning behind her words could not be any clearer.

Did Su Beis popularity come from paid marketing Were her fans on Weibo zombie fans that she spent money to get

The number of gifts she received was totally incomparable to her popularity.

Zhong Xiu added, “Its not like this has never happened before.

Actually, whether a person is famous or not depends on how many active fans the artist has.

If she doesnt even have active fans, then no matter how popular she is, shell still be a nobody.”

Everyone agreed.

A few newbies thought to themselves,Could it be that Su Bei actually bought her fans on Weibo It seems to be the case.

Although shes popular, she hasnt received any follow-up resources.

I wonder if shes really popular.

“Models can only develop like this.

No matter how popular they are, can they be compared to artists with good projects”

Song Ruinian was the only one who knew the actual number of calls Su Bei had received for collaborations and work.

It was just that she had not agreed to any of them yet.

Su Huixian smiled and tried to mediate the situation, saying, “Some fans just dont like to give gifts.

It means that Su Beis fans are rational.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Rationality That was just an excuse.

As long as they were fans, they would not be rational.

If they liked someone, they would become fanatical.

Su Bei, on the other hand, was not bothered at all.

After all, she had told her fans not to give her anything, so it did not matter whether she received gifts or not.

She stepped forward and took a look.

“Are these all mine”

“Theyre all yours,” Qiu Minxuan said with a smile.

“Do you want me to lend you a car They may not be easy for you to carry.”

Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu laughed again.

“That wont be necessary, thank you.” Su Bei gathered them.

Seeing that most of the gifts she received were stuffed toys, Su Bei gave them to the newbie who liked them very much.

The newbie smiled happily.

“Thank you, Sister Su Bei.”

Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu were both Su Huixians people, so they could not help sneering.

They were just stuffed toys, the cheapest kinds of gifts.

They did not even care about them, and only the newbies took them seriously.

Obviously, Su Beis fans were not that good.

There were two more gifts.

Su Bei opened one of them and found that it was a packet of milk.

Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu burst into laughter again.

A packet of milk Milk that was worth a few yuan


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