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Chapter 324: Were Envious

There were two mean artists who even wondered why other peoples fans gave their favorite artists such high-end gifts while their own fans only gave them trinkets bought from the wholesale market.

The host smiled and asked, “Huixian, the CEO of this brand is a loyal fan of yours.

I wonder if hell invite you to be his jewelry brands ambassador after this”

“Its hard to say, but I hope so,” Su Huixian said with a reserved smile.

“This gift is so precious.

It seems like this jewelry company really thinks highly of Huixian and has high hopes for her future career,” the host said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Otherwise, why would the CEO give such an expensive gift

Envious gazes enveloped Su Huixian.

Song Ruinian also took a few glances at Su Huixian.

It seemed that Su Huixian really had great potential.

Especially with the force behind her, he really had to put more focus into building her career.

At this moment, Qiu Minxuan said happily, “Huixian, Mr.

Luo has also sent something over.

Its a diamond.

Come and have a look!”

Su Huixians mood immediately improved.

She had been worried that Du Luo would forget about the event today.

She did not expect that the gift would be delivered so soon…

Qiu Minxuan happily came over with the gift in her hands.

The sparkling diamond was so dazzling that it almost blinded everyones eyes.

It was placed on an exquisite little cloth.

Qiu Minxuan carefully brought it in.

Everyone was really jealous when they saw Qiu Minxuan approaching.

It was already enviable to receive such precious gifts from fans.

Su Huixian was so lucky.

Apart from receiving gifts from her fans, she also had such a good fiance.

They were all too envious!

Qiu Minxuan deliberately walked very slowly so that everyone could appreciate and admire the expensive diamond.

They indeed admired it and were sincerely envious of Su Huixian.

Finally, Qiu Minxuan walked up to Su Huixian and said with a smile, “Mr.

Luos diamond is about three carats.

He said that you can embed it into any kind of jewelry you like.

You can just get someone to cut and embed it.”

“Let me think about it first,” Su Huixian said with a smile.

Zhu Fenfen suggested, “Huixian, dont you want to put it on your wedding ring”

Su Huixians heart skipped a beat.

They only got engaged because of the “child” in her stomach, so they still had a long way to go before they could get married.

Her fake pregnancy was still her deepest secret.

If the Du family found out about this, would they still let them get married

Qiu Minxuan explained with a smile, “Fenfen, what are you talking about This is just a small gift from Mr.


Its not worthy to be inlaid in a wedding ring Mr.

Luo has already prepared a ten-carat diamond thats the size of a pigeon egg for Huixians wedding ring.

Why would he use such a small diamond”

As soon as she said this, everyone was envious again.

Even the award-winning actresses and famous actresses with excellent resources could not help but to feel envious as well.

They had good resources, a lot of fans, and a lot of money.

However, they were still envious of Su Huixian who came from a good family background.

Her husbands family was also a good match for hers.

Others were born with a halo around them but they still had to work hard.

It was not easy to find a suitable partner to marry, let alone finding true love.


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