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Chapter 323: Gift Distribution

“Okay, okay.

But Su Bei, wont your fans feel hurt if you give their gifts to someone else”

“I live with a friend.

Hes a little allergic to fluffy things as itll cause him to cough, so I cant have any stuffed toys at home.

I believe my fans will understand this if they find out.

After all, its their kind intention that counts,” Su Bei said.

She was talking about Gun Gun.

He was physically weak, so Su Bei noticed that he would cough whenever he was around a stuffed toy.

The stuffed toys he held to sleep had been custom-made by Su Bei.

They were soft and would not affect his breathing.

Thinking of Gun Gun made her heart soften.

She wondered how the brothers were doing at home.

What were they playing

On the stage, the host asked the assistant to distribute the gifts.

These packages had already been opened by the agents of various artists.

Sure enough, the artists were gifted with many stuffed toys.

There were also many cufflinks, photo albums, earphones, pens, resin kits, and other gifts.

Of course, there were also expensive things like branded handbags, phones, and computers.

Since most of them were sent anonymously and there was no address, the company could not return them.

Hence, they just gave them to the artists.

Some artists received these expensive gifts.

Although these did not mean much to them, they still felt proud to know that they were given by their fans.

One of the young actors had just participated in a popular idol drama, so he received a lot of gifts.

He received more than 1,000 gifts, including big and small packages.

He also received all kinds of food and functional gifts too.

He would really need a truck to take them home.

Everyone looked at him enviously.

This was what it meant to be famous.

This was the kind of person who had countless loyal fans!

The artists who were not famous and the newbies who had just entered the industry were very envious.

The host smiled and said, “Next up is probably the artist who has received the most gifts.

Not only did she receive hundreds of dolls, several branded bags, several new phone models, and countless flowers, but she also received very precious jewelry.

It was sent by the CEO of a company.

Hes a fan of this artist, so he values her very much.”

“Wow, thats really amazing!” a newbie said enviously.

“Im content enough with a stuffed toy, but someone actually received expensive jewelry.”

“You have to work hard to become famous.”

“I wonder when Ill become famous”

“So who is that person”

The host smiled and said, “Its Su Huixian!”

“Wow!” Everyone cheered in unison.

Su Huixian looked around and nodded politely.

Actually, this set of jewelry had already been sent by someone earlier.

How could such an expensive gift be mixed in with those packages delivered through express deliveries

She only let Qiu Minxuan put the expensive gift with the rest because she wanted to notice her so that she could attain a sense of pride.

Su Huixian took the box from the host and opened it.

Inside was a sparkling diamond necklace that was eye-catching.

It could be seen that the craftsmanship and the diamonds used were all superior.

Everyone was envious.

A diamond necklace from this brand was worth at least a million yuan, right


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