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Chapter 321: Popularity

Su Bei did not tie her hair up but just casually let it drape over her shoulders.

Her long hair was like a waterfall, and she had a bright expression on her face.

She walked in large strides.

Although she was dressed casually, she was like a moving light that attracted everyones attention.

Her skin was very fair, clear, and delicate.

She looked like an elf that had been left behind in the mortal world.

Du Luo could not take his eyes off her.

He looked at her as she continued to walk.

“Du Luo, Im here,” Su Huixian reminded with a smile.

She followed Du Luos line of sight and saw Su Bei.

She gritted her teeth tightly.

Du Luo did not come back to his senses.

He continued looking at the girl in front of him.

Although he did not like her character, he could not lie to himself.

He had not forgotten her, and he still found her attractive.

When Su Bei entered the company, it felt as though she had taken his heart with her.

If Su Bei had not been so arrogant and inconsiderate back then…

“Du Luo!” Su Huixian raised her voice.

Du Luo came back to his senses.

“Yes, what is it”

“I said Im here.

Dont you have something to deal with at the company Go now.

Dont delay it anymore,” Su Huixian said considerately.

Du Luo nodded.


Su Huixian gave him a goodbye kiss and he responded in the same way.

Though in Su Huixians eyes, his actions were too perfunctory.

Besides, Qian Yu Entertainment Company was supposed to have a team-building event for their artists today.

Du Luo had promised to give her something.

When Su Huixian looked at him, it seemed that he had already forgotten about this matter.

Su Bei did not care if anyone was looking at her.

As a model, she knew how to be calm and composed.

She walked in and arrived at Song Ruinians office.

However, Song Ruinian was not there.

The assistant told Su Bei, “Were having a team-building event for the companys artists today.

Director Song is still settling the matters.

If its not an urgent matter, Im afraid he wont have time to deal with it until the event is over.”

In that case, Su Bei could only wait for Song Ruinian to finish his work.

The assistant said, “By the way, Su Bei, you also have to participate in the team-building event.

Its being held in the lobby of the company.

You should quickly go over.”

Since her contract had not been terminated yet, Su Bei had to attend the team-building event.

The so-called team-building event was an event held together by the Artist Department.

As long as an artist had the free time, they would participate.

On this day, the company would also distribute gifts from the fans to the artists.

Generally speaking, fans would not give expensive gifts.

Artists also often asked their fans to be rational and not blindly waste too much time and money.

Even when the artists received these gifts, they would not have much use for them.

However, the amount of gifts each artist received could be used to prove their popularity.

This was also what the artists used to compare themselves to one another.

Song Ruinian had come up with this idea years ago to encourage artists to interact more with their fans.

Besides, in this event, the person who received the most gifts would be rewarded by the company with a small prize.

As soon as Su Bei entered the venue, she heard everyone talking about the gifts they had received.

Some people were secretly comparing their gifts.

Everyone was overjoyed.

The popular artists with a high status only treated this as a minor event.

Only those newcomers treated this as a big event.


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