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Su Huixian bit hard on her lower lip and quickly calmed herself down.

“She is just qualified for the next phase.

It doesnt mean shell walk on the stage of the international fashion show.

Do you think she will become one of those five lucky models who get selected”

“Of course not.” Despite verbally agreeing with Su Huixian, professionally, Qiu Minxuan thought that Su Bei was more likely to succeed as an international model than her half-sister.

Su Bei left the lobby at ease.

Everyone knew that the criteria for selecting models for the Orisa show was the strictest and the fairest, so the chances were equal to all the models.

Su Bei was confident for the next test.

As she walked out of the hotel, she was about to call a taxi.

However, the Bentley that drove her there in the morning soon stopped next to her.

“Get in the car.” The car window was rolled down, revealing Lu Hetings handsome side face.


Lu, havent you left yet” Su Bei asked in surprise.

The test had lasted for several hours.

It was already afternoon.

Still, not only had Lu Heting stayed, but he also found out about her dilemma through the surveillance video and sent her the limited edition shoes in time.

The moment he saw that she had almost sprained her ankle, an inexplicable panic came over him.

It turned out that she was more important to him than he thought.

The corner of his sexy, thin lips lifted slightly.

“I found a moment of leisure in my busy life.”

Once Su Bei got in the car, suddenly something occurred to her, and she asked, “Mr.

Lu, did you ask someone to send me a pair of shoes”


“Theyre too expensive! But I really appreciate that you fixed my problem.” She heaved a sigh.

Although he worked for Lu Group, it shouldnt be easy for a driver to afford shoes that cost so much.


“Its my honor to help you.”

Su Bei then asked with a smile, “But how did you know my size”

“Hasnt it been posted on the official website”

After giving it some thought, Su Bei nodded.

She couldnt help appreciating his kindness.

She had received many gifts that were way more expensive than these pair of shoes, yet few of them had warmed her heart in the same way.

On the surface, the man looked cool, but his consideration and sensitivity really touched her.

Handing him the box in her hands, she said, “I only wore them for a few minutes.

They have been well-kept since then, so theres no trace that they have been worn before.

Where did you buy the shoes Maybe you can still return them.”

“Its just a pair of shoes.

I might not make much money, but Im not a big spender either.

Since they fit you so well, they should be yours.”


Su Bei shook her head and said, “No way, Mr.


Why dont you tell me where you bought them I can help you return them.”

Su Bei had always been generous.

Since she had been born in a wealthy family, she had never worried about money before.

However, after she had been diagnosed with gastric cancer, she had changed a lot.

Da Bao was still very young and had many years to live.

She had to save money for his sake.

Realizing that she wouldnt take the shoes, Lu Heting frowned slightly as if he was worried about something.

“Miss Su, when you left me on our wedding day, were you afraid I couldnt support you” Lu Heting did his best to suppress the emotions that memory invoked.

It seemed he still held a grudge against what happened five years ago.

“Support me” Tilting her head to the side, Su Bei looked even more lovely as her chestnut curly hair shaped her delicate face.

“Why should you support me No one will stay by your side all the time.

I dont think its a good idea to let someone support me.

I can do it myself.

I like to earn my own money and spend it as I want.

Its cool.”


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