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Chapter 319: Obviously Left Out

Gun Gun tugged on the hem of Da Baos shirt.

Lu Heting, who was standing at the side, displayed his aura that was strong and obscure.

Su Bei sipped on the milk.

After a long time, Da Bao agreed.

“Just this once.

It wont happen again.”

“Okay! Okay! I can sleep with Brother Da Bao tonight! Hes so nice!”

Su Bei choked on her milk and coughed several times.

Lu Hetings eyes were burning with flames.

As for Da Bao, he had a deep suspicion that Gun Gun did not understand the meaning ofwont happen again. Rather, Gun Gun simply chose not to understand the meaning of the phrase.

Clenching his fists, Lu Heting coughed lightly and said, “Okay then, go to bed early.”

He was very relieved to let his elder son take care of his younger son.

However, Da Bao felt a little wronged.

Even so, he would look for another opportunity to make up for the grievances he was facing this time.

Maybe in a few days, he could pack up everything in his bedroom and move back to the master bedroom, replacing Gun Gun.

His clothes could be hung side by side with Su Beis.

The other half of Su Beis bed would also be reserved for him.

Da Bao held Gun Guns hand and said, “Lets sleep with Xiao Bei.”


Da Baos words shattered Lu Hetings hopes into pieces.

Lu Heting thought that he had misheard him.

He looked at Da Bao in confusion.

Da Bao said matter-of-factly, “Hes so young.

I dont have the experience of taking care of children.

Its better if we sleep with Xiao Bei.”

Besides, if he slept with Xiao Bei, he would feel more comfortable.

If he could not take Gun Guns presence anymore in the middle of the night, Xiao Bei could be his buffer.

Su Bei smacked her forehead.

What did Da Bao mean by taking care of a child He was only a few days older than Gun Gun, right

However, she thought that Da Baos suggestion made sense.

“Lets go, then.

Lets have an early rest.

Youre not allowed to play or sleep at night.

Otherwise, a big bad wolf will come and catch you.” Su Bei held Da Baos and Gun Guns hands while walking into her room.

Gun Gun followed Su Bei happily.

Lu Heting was left alone on this cold night.

After settling the two little munchkins down, Su Bei lowered her head and kissed each of their faces.

Looking at their obedient sleeping faces, a gentle and loving look appeared in her eyes.

She closed the door and walked out.

Sitting on the sofa was a sulky man.

For a moment, Su Bei did not know how to comfort him.

It seemed that he was being neglected.

Gun Gun used to stick to Su Bei, but he would also stick to him.

After Da Bao appeared, Gun Gun started sticking to him.

Most of the time, he would ignore Su Bei and Lu Heting.

“Ahem, do you want some tea” Su Bei asked.

Lu Heting stood up and said, “Why dont I sleep with them Youre tired, so you should have a good rest.

You can sleep in my room.”

“Thats not necessary.

Dont be angry at Gun Gun.

Kids like to be with their friends.

You have more common topics with someone of the same age.” Although Da Bao did not seem to have any common topics with Gun Gun.

Lu Heting felt even more aggrieved.

It seemed that she did not understand what he was upset about.

Seeing that he was fine, Su Bei smiled and said, “Go to bed early.

Ill make a few work calls.”

“Its already nine oclock.

Why are you so busy” Lu Heting raised his wrist and looked at the time.


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