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Chapter 317: Youre Rich Enough to Make Me Impressed

However, when she looked at her sons eyes and then at Da Bao, she thought that it was worth it.

After all, she was not doing it for this woman.

She was doing it for her son and grandson.

Soon, Su Bei came over with an IOU in her hand.

“Mom, this is an IOU.

Ive written it, signed it, and theres a copy of my ID card as well.

Its all here.

Ill return you the money in two months the soonest and five months the latest.”

“Why are you being so polite Its Hetings money anyway.

Just take it.” Mrs.

Lu was a little surprised.

At first, she thought that Su Bei had no qualms about accepting a large amount of money and took her husbands money for granted.

She did not expect her to be such an upright person.


Lu had a whole new level of respect for her.

“How can I simply accept the money I cant do that.”

“This is really Hetings money.

The house that was demolished was also bought by him years ago.

As his mother, I didnt contribute much.”

Indeed, she had not helped her son much with Lu Group, so she was speaking honestly.

“You can just give the IOU to Heting.

Such a large amount of money can also be pre-marriage money.

I havent received the money for a commercial yet.

Ill take on other jobs too.

I should be able to return the money to you soon.

Youre already helping me solve my problem by lending me such a large amount of money.

Thank you so much.” Su Bei was very confident in her earning capability.

Since Su Bei insisted on giving her the IOU, Mrs.

Lu had to accept it.

Su Bei was very grateful to Lu Heting and Mrs.

Lu for lending her such a large sum of money without any hesitation.

Su Bei understood that if Lu Heting had not praised her in front of Mrs.

Lu, she would not have taken out the money directly.

Actually, Lu Heting did not want to lend her the money.

He just wanted to give it to her directly.

It was a pity that Su Bei refused to accept the money, so he had no choice but to let the matter be.


Lu was very satisfied with this meal.

Not only did she get a grandson she had always dreamed of having but she also got a daughter-in-law who was better than she expected.

When she left, her footsteps were light.

Lu Heting and Su Bei saw her out.

After she left, Su Bei heaved a long sigh of relief.

Noticing that she was feeling pressured, Lu Heting lowered his eyes and said, “Im sorry, Su Bei.

I havent even had a proper conversation with you before my mom came here.”

“Its okay.

Its only natural for her to come to see you and our child.

Besides, she has done me such a big favor.” Su Bei waved the bank card in her hand.


Lu had already given the IOU to Lu Heting.

He pinched it helplessly.

Looking at the IOU, Su Bei sighed.

“Lu Heting, I didnt expect you to be so rich.

Im impressed.”

Lu Heting suddenly felt nervous, as if he was afraid that her next words would be about disliking the rich.

However, Su Bei suddenly smiled and said happily, “That means Da Bao and Gun Gun can live better lives in the future!”

Hearing this, Lu Heting finally relaxed.

He looked at Su Bei and said, “Actually, theres no need for us to draw such a distinguished line for our finances.

No matter where the money comes from, its still our shared property, right”

Su Bei did not want him to waste his feelings on her, so she just smiled and said, “Really Hahahaha.

But husband and wife have to properly settle these matters.

Im going to clean up the table now, so I wont chat with you anymore.”


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