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Chapter 314: The Genes of the Lu Family

As the head of Lu Group, Lu Heting was one of the elites in S Country.

At this moment, he was helping a woman cook in the kitchen.

Nevermind this, but this woman might even have a child with another man.

As Lu Hetings mother, how could she not be distressed, anxious, and worried

“Son, I came to tell you something,” Mrs.

Lu said anxiously.

Before Lu Heting could say anything, Gun Gun spotted his grandmother and greeted happily, “Grandma!”

He held Da Baos hand and ran toward the door.

Da Bao was a cold and aloof boy.

Of course, he would not just jump about.

The two of them ended up pushing and pulling.

It took them some time to reach Mrs.


At Gun Guns yell, Mrs.

Lu noticed Da Bao.

As long as Da Bao was around, it would be difficult for others not to notice him.

He had a cool temperament and was very handsome and cute.

With such an appearance at such a young age, he was indeed very eye-catching.

In Mrs.

Lus eyes, he looked exactly the same as Lu Heting.

She was instantly attracted to him.

No one knew what Lu Heting looked like as a child more than Mrs.


Da Bao looked just like Lu Heting.

They did not look exactly the same, but their temperament, personality, and aloof appearance were exactly the same.

Da Bao turned his head to look at Gun Gun helplessly.


Lu was even more shocked.

Was this not the little boy her assistant had taken a photo of It was obvious that he was her biological grandson.

Su Bei did not give birth to another mans child! It was Lu Hetings child!


Lus eyes lit up with excitement.

Finally, Da Bao and Gun Gun were in front of her.


Lu could not hold back her emotions anymore.

She bent over and looked at Da Bao, asking in a trembling voice, “Little boy, whats your name”

“Da Bao.” Da Bao observed her.

Actually, he did not need to analyze her to know her identity as Gun Gun had already told him.

After observing for a while, he found that Lu Heting looked somewhat similar to her.

He must be her grandmother.

He said flatly, “Hello, Grandma.”

He greeted her.


Lu was overjoyed.

“Oh, my dear grandson, Da Bao! Youre so polite.

Here, let me give you—”

She touched all over her body but could not find anything to give to Da Bao.

After all, she had dressed too plainly today, and the bag she brought with her today was not her usual one.

Hence, she took off the jade bracelet on her wrist and stuffed it into Da Baos hand.

“This is for you, Da Bao.

I like you a lot.

Da Bao, take it.”

Lu Heting was a little helpless.

What kind of a meeting gift did his mother give Da Bao

Da Bao was also helpless.

He realized that everyone in the Lu family, except for Lu Heting, was so much like Gun Gun.

Upon opening their mouths, they would be so excited.

They also liked to give gifts to people.

In the game, Lu Weijian had already prepared the best equipment for Da Bao.

At this moment, he did not doubt Gun Guns genes anymore.


Lu also realized that her gift was not suitable for Da Bao.

She smiled awkwardly and said, “Well, give this to your mother.

Ill give you something better next time.”

“I thank you on behalf of Xiao Bei,” Da Bao replied politely.


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