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Although she did not want to offend her son or destroy their relationship, she still decided to have a good chat with Su Bei and Lu Heting.

After all, the Lu family would definitely allow Su Bei to appear with an unknown child.


As a mother, she was absolutely protective of her son.

Su Bei arrived at Lin Molis house early in the morning to pick up Da Bao.

Lin Moli was packing the things in her hands when she said with a smile, “Xiao Bei, youre here.

What a coincidence! I have to work tomorrow and you and Da Bao have settled the matter.

Its perfect!”

“Have you finished your work” Su Bei felt happy for Lin Moli.

On second thought, she wondered if Da Bao had taken the initiative to reunite with Lu Heting because of this.

Was it because he did not want to disrupt Lin Molis life anymore

If that was the case, then Lu Heting really had no position in her sons eyes.

“Yes, Ill be going to work very soon.

Ill pass Da Bao back to you.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Ill treat you to lunch.”

“Forget it.

Youd better take Da Bao home.

Dont make your husband wait for you.

Im also busy packing.

We can have a meal another day.”

“Okay.” Seeing that she was busy, Su Bei decided not to disturb her.

She got Da Baos luggage and went into the car with him.

She asked Da Bao to sit in the backseat and fastened the seat belt for him.

Actually, he did not like sitting in the safety seat as it made him look like a little boy.

Su Bei patted his head and said, “Okay, sit tight.”

Da Bao nodded.

“By the way, Da Bao, Gun Gun is staying with Lu Heting.

Hes not as mature and sensible as you.

You have to be more tolerant of him,” Su Bei said softly and kissed him on the cheek.

“Yes.” Da Bao nodded seriously.

It was just a little boy.

He could handle it.

Although he did not like being kissed, his face lit up when she turned around.

When Su Bei brought Da Bao home, she took out her keys and opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door, colorful streamers and balloons flew through the air.

Gun Gun ran over with his short legs.

“Welcome, Da Bao! I love you!”

He hugged Da Bao enthusiastically.

“Bei Bei, Da Bao is so cute!”

Da Bao had a cold and aloof personality.

However, when he was hugged so enthusiastically, a helpless smile appeared on his face.

He raised his hands and did not know where to put them.

Initially, he had not looked forward to moving here.

However, looking at the current situation, he felt that it was okay and was no longer as resistant to the idea.


Gun Gun was half a head shorter than Da Bao.

He raised his head and looked at Da Bao warmly.

These two brothers really seemed compatible with each other.

Su Bei felt more assured about their future together.


Su Bei knew that Da Bao did not like to be close to outsiders, so she picked Gun Gun up and asked, “How did you know that Da Bao was coming back”

Gun Gun said obediently, “Daddy said so.

He said that we all have to welcome Brother Da Bao, so he specially prepared balloons and colorful streamers.

Daddy likes Brother Da Bao a lot and so does Gun Gun.

So Gun Gun even specially painted a picture for Brother Da Bao.”

Gun Gun got out of Su Beis arms and ran to get a painting.

He unfolded it and showed it to Su Bei and Da Bao.

“Do they look alike Do they look alike”

It had been drawn using a piece of lead.

The portrait was really similar to Da Bao.

In particular, Da Baos expression was very good.

Well, it seemed that we really were compatible.


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