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Liao Youhuis lips and hands trembled.

How could she do such a stupid thing!

“Then why are you telling me this now” Her voice was weak and low, no longer showing the aggression from before.

“Because I thought it was necessary now.” There was a trace of calmness and generosity in Su Beis delicate eyes.

Liao Youhui grasped the belongings in her hands tightly, while Su Bei turned around and walked away calmly.

The sound of her high heels clicking on the floor lingered in her nerves.

The lobby was already crowded with people waiting for the result to come out.

Twenty models would be able to get in the second-round test.

Therefore, everyone was anxiously waiting to find out who would get the opportunity to step onto an international catwalk.

As soon as Su Bei came out of the backstage, she replaced the smile on her face with an aloof expression.

“Su Bei is coming!” Qiu Minxuan whispered to Su Huixian.

Faking a heartfelt smile, Su Huixian asked with concern, “Is everything okay, Su Bei”

Su Bei nodded casually in response.

Su Huixian was satisfied.

As expected, Su Beis matter was exposed, and the situation with the condom had come in handy.

‘Su Bei, you are not a match for me, she thought.

Qiu Minxuan stood up and came to Su Bei with a smile.

“Dont worry, Su Bei.

Youre still young.

If you fail now, you can try again in the future.”

“How do you know Ill fail the test, Minxuan” Su Bei put on a bright smile as she asked curiously.

“Whether a model will pass the test or not depends a lot on her qualifications.

So I was just guessing.” Qiu Minxuans face remained calm.

The corners of Su Beis lips lifted further as she looked away casually.

“The result is out!” someone exclaimed.

Everyones eyes were focused on the big screen.

The announcement was fair and entirely open to the public.

The names of the twenty candidates who got into the next phase began to appear one by one on the screen.

The first ten were supermodels of S Country who had already stood out internationally.

While some people were gratified with the results so far, others sighed and continued to wait anxiously.

When the thirteenth name appeared, Qiu Minxuan said happily, “Congratulations, Huixian.

Youre in the second round!”

Su Huixian stood up, overjoyed to see her name on the screen.

She hadnt trained day and night for nothing, after all.

Perhaps she had been too strict with herself, but it was worth it in order to get such a result today.

She beamed gently and said, “Lets go.”

“Lets go, Su Bei,” Qiu Minxuan said to the other woman.

As Qiu Minxuan and Su Huixian spoke, the name of the eighteenth model was showing on the screen.

At this point, Su Bei must have failed.

However, realizing that she was still going to wait, Qiu Minxuan followed Su Huixian towards the exit.

The two of them didnt believe Su Bei would get in anyway.

Even if she wanted to stay and see the results to the end, she would be wasting her time.

Then, all of a sudden, someone whispered, “Who is Su Bei This name sounds unfamiliar.

Ive never heard of it before.”

“Its the model who received the shoes earlier.

Havent you heard”

Su Huixian turned around unconsciously and saw the twentieth name on the big screen to enter the second round.

The model was none other than Su Bei!

Su Bei

How could that be How could she qualify for the next phase

In shock, Qiu Minxuan asked, “How did she manage to get in”


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