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Chapter 308: The Decision She Would Never Regret In Her Life

She remembered that she had gone through a lot of hardships to give birth to the two children.

However, the doctor said that the other child had congenital heart disease.

Shortly after she gave birth to the child, they took their last breath.

She had been heartbroken.

However, when she thought of Da Bao, she suppressed her sadness and buried it deep in her heart.

She mustered up her courage to raise him.

Su Bei did not plan to tell Lu Heting about this.

It was a pain she was hiding.

She had not even told Da Bao about it, let alone Lu Heting.

It would only make him worry.

She only wanted that child to live happily in heaven.

May there be no illnesses in heaven.

When they arrived at the neighborhood, Su Bei got out of the car.

She was still shrouded in a faint layer of gloom.

When she stopped the car, Lu Heting reached out and held her right hand.

Su Bei tried to pull her hand away, but his dry and warm palm held hers so tightly that she failed to do it.

For some reason, the pain in her heart was washed away by his grip.

She did not try to withdraw her hand again, so Lu Heting loosened his grip slightly.

“Su Bei, its been hard on you.

From now on, let me take care of you and your son,” Lu Heting said firmly.

Su Beis heart skipped a beat.

Lu Heting was a really good man.

He was serious, responsible, and warm.

He was really a good candidate for a husband and a father.

This time, she came back to hand Da Bao to him.

This was the decision she did not regret the most in her life.

However, she could not give herself to him.

Her illness would only worsen with each passing year.

It would be better if no one knew about it as they would not be as sad in the future.

“Thank you, Lu Heting.” Su Bei smiled but did not answer him directly.

Lu Heting placed her fingers on his lips in a very gentle manner to show that he cherished her.

Tears almost welled up in Su Beis eyes.

The longer she was around this man, the more she felt that he was precious.

He may not hold a high status, nor did he make a lot of money, but his character and his respect for others made Su Bei feel cherished.

Even if she were to live an ordinary life with him, she would have a long life of romance and happiness.

Unfortunately, she did not have the luck to do so…

Afraid that she would cave in to his gentle touches, she hurriedly said with a smile, “Lu Heting, when are you going to do the paternity test with Da Bao”

Lu Hetings heart sank a little.

“Is it necessary When you married me, it was your first time.

I dont believe you would have done anything else in such a short time.”

“Of course not.

But after all, youre the one who will raise him, so its best to get this straight.” Su Beis words really ruined the mood.

She was deliberately ruining the mood.

What would happen if she continued to be with Lu Heting like this

“Just by looking at Da Baos face, I already have my confirmation,” Lu Heting said firmly.

“Well, hes your son, so its up to you.

Actually, before I came back, I was really worried that you would not like him…” Su Bei was really relieved now.

Lu Heting was accepting of his son, and the son had so naturally gone to look for his father.

As Da Baos mother, she had not done much about it.

She was overly worried about him before.

Lu Heting tilted his head and looked at her.

“Su Bei, I do mind the child.

I mind him very much.”


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