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Chapter 304: It Doesnt Make Sense

Lu Heting looked at Da Bao with a loving gaze.

“Da Bao, youre four years and three months old now.

Its time for you to go to school.

Dont listen to Lu Weijians nonsense.”

He could guess Da Baos exact age after just a second.

It was because he remembered the two hours he previously spent with Su Bei vividly.

The moment was engraved in his bones and would never be forgotten.

“Its illogical.” Da Baos little face had the same calm expression as Lu Hetings.

“One goes to school to learn things.

If I already master these things now, wouldnt I be wasting my time by going to school”

Lu Weijian clapped his hands.

“That makes sense!”

It made more sense than what Lu Heting said.

However, Lu Hetings gaze made Lu Weijian take a few steps back.

Lu Heting lowered his head and looked at Da Bao.

“The law in S Country states that children under the age of eight are completely incapacitated and have to rely on their legal guardians.

What do you think”

Frowning, Da Bao thought for a while before finally agreeing.

“Thats reasonable.

Ill go to school.”

Lu Weijian reached out his hand and tried to persuade him to stay.

“My god, youre my god!”

Da Bao stood up and tidied his clothes.

“Im going to find Lin Moli.

Shes my mothers best friend.

I live with her now.

You dont have to see me off.

Lets keep in touch.”

Raising his phone, he turned around, pursed his thin lips, and walked out.

He already had Lu Weijians phone number, so it would be easy for him to contact Lu Heting.

It was easy for Lu Heting to contact him as well.

After all, Lu Heting had done some hacking to find out Da Baos phone number.

Lu Heting watched him leave.

Although his eyes were calm, his heart was surging with emotions.

He followed Da Bao into the elevator and stood next to him.

Da Bao raised his head and looked at him seriously.

Then, he turned away and looked straight ahead.

No matter what, Lu Heting was still very satisfied.

Even though he had only spent a short while with Da Bao, he was still in a good mood.

The father and son did not say anything else, but the tacit understanding amidst the silence made Lu Heting very satisfied.

When they arrived at the entrance, Da Bao waved his hand gently.


He glanced at Lu Heting.

Was this man not supposed to be as cold as him Why was he smiling so widely now

With such a personality, was Lu Heting still his father

Da Bao left Lu Heting with a view of his arrogant back.

Even after seeing Da Bao off the building of Lu Group, Lu Heting never looked away.

Da Bao was his and Su Beis son.

When he recalled this, the joy in his heart surged endlessly.

Lu Weijian followed him and asked, “Brother, are you sure you dont want to personally fetch my nephew back Can he go back alone”

“When I was his age, I was already used to being alone.

Since hes my son, he can definitely do it,” Lu Heting said confidently.

“Then why cant Gun Gun do it” Lu Weijian snorted.

Lu Heting was silent.

Gun Gun was totally different from Da Bao.

Da Bao was the fruit of his and Su Beis love.

Whereas he had been helpless in regards to Gun Guns existence.

At the thought of this, guilt flashed through his heart.

He felt more and more sorry toward Su Bei and Da Bao.

Perhaps it was also because of Gun Gun that Su Bei did not tell him about Da Bao.


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