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Chapter 303: I Dont Like Being Kissed

When he pieced everything together, Lu Heting quickly understood what was going on.

Su Bei left five years ago and gave birth to Da Bao.

This time, she came back with Da Bao to see him.

However, due to various reasons, she had not revealed anything to him just yet.

No matter what, Su Bei had given birth to their child.

This thought overwhelmed Lu Hetings heart, making him so emotional that he could not say a word.

When he thought about how she had been suffering alone for the past five years, carrying their child and then raising him, he could not help but feel sorry for her.

Why had she not come back earlier

Da Bao looked at Lu Heting who was like an ice sculpture when he came in earlier but was now grinning from ear to ear.

He asked, “How did you know”

After calming himself down, Lu Heting smiled.

Looking at the child in front of him that belonged to Su Bei and him, he said in a low voice, “It was just my intuition.

But there are many things that can prove it.

“Su Bei has been asking about my personal matters.

“You dont eat durians, do you There are durians on the plate.

Youve been trying to endure the smell.

“Most importantly, youre right.

You take after my appearance and intelligence, but you have the same scent as Su Bei.”

Su Bei always had a faint fragrance on her.

It was not the scent of any perfume, but her natural scent.

And after getting close to Da Bao, Lu Heting realized that he had that scent as well.

A fleeting smile appeared on Da Baos face.

“Su Bei is very busy.

She wants you to help her take care of me, even though I dont need it.

Because of me, she wasted several years and wasnt able to pursue her dream.

“So, Lu Heting, lets reunite and let her focus on the career shes pursuing.

Da Bao was as mature and steady as Lu Heting.

His love for Su Bei was exactly the same as Lu Hetings.

He would support her and agree to do whatever she wanted.

Besides protecting her, he would never burden her or disturb her.

Lu Heting reached out his hand to him.

Da Bao held his right hand tightly.

“Oh my God! Hes really my sister-in-laws biological son! Im so touched!” Tears welled up in Lu Weijians eyes as he rushed in and hugged Da Bao, about to kiss him on the face.

Lu Heting quickly stopped him.

He knew that his son did not like being kissed at all.

Besides, Lu Weijian was crying with snot dripping from his nose.

Lu Weijian did not kiss Da Bao, but he was still excited.

“My dear boy, stay and work with me.

Well defeat those demons and monsters together.

Lu Group has the best finance system.

Not only does it manage its own finances, but it also provides financial security for most enterprises in Jingdu City.

In other words, if you work here, youll be protecting the safety of more than half of the people in S Country.”

Da Baos eyes lit up with interest.

“Also, my gaming club is one of the best in S Country.

But not many players are better than you.

In time, you can stand at the top.

You can do anything you want as long as youre with me.”

Da Baos eyes lit up even more.

He found both of these things very interesting, so his hands started to itch as well.


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