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Chapter 301: Stolen Again

As for Da Bao, he still had the tenderness of a child.

He inevitably had some baby fat on him, and his eyes were not as sharp and clear as Lu Hetings.

But the expression and temperament of the child were very distinct.

He was no different from Lu Heting.

Those who were not familiar with Lu Heting might not be able to tell, but Lu Weijian and Lu Heting could sense Da Baos unique temperament at a glance.

“Brother, look! When did you do this” Lu Weijian asked impolitely.

How could his brother do such a thing to his sister-in-law Was he not afraid that he would kneel on a durian

“You can go out first,” Lu Heting and Da Bao said at the same time.

Lu Weijian was stunned for a moment.

One brothers aura was already powerful enough, let alone with two of them here.

He quickly dodged the stifling scene and closed the door behind him.

However, he did not go far.

He just squatted in front of the door, guarding the place to stop others from coming in.

In reality, he was just eavesdropping.

This was his office.

Who would come in

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes slightly.

What was wrong with this boy in front of him He did not want an accident like Gun Gun to happen again.

The reason he had Gun Gun at that time was because his sperm was stolen after a physical examination in the hospital.

He did not share any ambiguous relationship with another woman.

Had his sperm been stolen again

Su Bei could accept Gun Gun, but that did not mean she would accept another child.

Lu Heting did not want to have another child that would pose a hurdle to their relationship.

Hence, Lu Heting asked coldly, “Whats your name”

It seemed that he was sureDa Bao was just a nickname.

Sensing the hostility in his voice, Da Bao said calmly, “Why dont you tell me whats your name first”

“My name is Lu Heting.

Tell me, why did you attack our finance system Did someone order you to do it”

He also wanted to know why Da Bao approached Su Bei.

Da Bao shrugged.

“Im not interested in your finance system.

I just wanted to know more about Lu Heting.

I didnt find this name in your companys personnel system, so I started with the finance system.”

Lu Heting was silent.

As the person in charge of Lu Group and the person with the highest status in the company, his personal information naturally would not appear in the companys personnel system.

Besides, he was different from other entrepreneurs.

He kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public.

He let the outside world speculate about him while he rarely showed his face.

It was not surprising that very few people knew about him.

Even Su Bei, the daughter of the head of the Su family, thought that he was Lu Weijians driver.

“Youre very capable,” Lu Heting commented objectively.

At the childs age, he was already on par with him.

“Thank you.

So youre the man I want to find.” Da Bao looked him up and down.

The tall man in front of him did resemble him.

Lu Heting nodded and asked, “Do you understand now”

“You look almost the same as what I imagined myself to look like when I grow up.

I also know that judging from my genes, you wont be bad-looking either.

And with my IQ, you shouldnt be stupid as well,” Da Bao said confidently.


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