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Chapter 299: Chapter 299 A Miniature Version of His Brother

From six oclock in the morning to now, Lu Weijian had been here all the time.

He didnt even dare to drink a mouthful of water or to go to the bathroom.

Because he didnt want to miss Da Bao.

While he was waiting, Vice Manager Chen, who had asked Da Bao to leave directly last time, came over.

After he was fired by Lu Weijian, he found a job in another company, which happened to send him to the Lu Group to deal with business.

As soon as he saw Lu Weijian, he walked up to Lu Weijian and greeted, “Mr.

Weijian, nice to meet you.”

Lu Weijian was still angry with him and said, “Do whatever you want to do.

Dont talk to me.

You know Im a straightforward person.

Im afraid I cant help beating you later.”

Of course, Vice Manager Chen knew that he had made a lot of mistakes last time, and he didnt expect that Lu Weijian could forgive him.

He only hoped that he could express his apology.


Weijian, Im sorry for what happened last time.

Im sorry.

I didnt have time to apologize last time…”

While they were talking, Da Bao slowly walked over.

Last time he was here, Vice Manager Chen had asked him to leave.

He didnt want to see Lu Heting, so he gave up that idea later.

But Lu Weijian had been looking for him on the internet all the time.

He even found his game account, Da Bao, which corresponded to his hacker identity and forced him to show up.

Da Bao lost in yesterdays game, so he came here as promised this morning.

As soon as he came over, he saw Vice Manager Chen was at the door.

Thinking of the unpleasant experience last time, Da Bao turned around and left.

He didnt want to be asked to leave again.

As a hacker, he had his pride.

Da Bao didnt want to step into the Lu Group anymore.

Vice Manager Chen was apologizing to Lu Weijian.

As soon as he saw a small figure like last time, he shouted, “Mr.

Weijian, Satan, the game master, is over there!”

Following the direction Vice Manager Chen pointed, Lu Weijian saw a little boy who was about to disappear in front of him.

He pushed Vice Manager Chen away and rushed over.

As a child, Da Bao didnt walk fast.

Before he walked far, he was caught up by Lu Weijian and Hong Jie.

“Master, wait!” Lu Weijian stood in front of Da Bao, out of breath.

When he saw Da Baos face, he was stunned.

Wasnt this kid a miniature version of his brother

“You, you, you…” Lu Weijian was shocked by Da Baos face.

He even forgot Da Baos age and identity as a hacker.

“Lu Weijian, I dont think its a good idea to cooperate with you.” Da Bao glanced at him lazily and said leisurely.

Lu Weijian was shocked again.

When this kid was impatient, his eyes and tone were exactly the same as his brothers!

Even if it was not for the matter of the hacker, he had to take this little boy back to his brother and let his brother have a good look.

Lu Weijian almost knelt down to him and said, “Master, calm down! Why dont we go to the office and have a talk first”

Hong Jie was stunned.

Although he knew that Lu Weijian had always been respectful to talented people, how capable this boy was

Da Bao held his arms, obviously resisting.

“Master, master, dont you want to see who on earth has blocked your lightning blow to the financial system Dont you want to know who beat you in the game Dont you want to see the man who defeated you”


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