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Chapter 298: chapter298 What Are You Eating

“Yes, in fact, when I disguised as a man, I would learn from a specialized man to find that kind of aura.

When I was filming, Director Guo was very strict.

I thought of you immediately, so didnt you see that when I dressed up as Lu Bei, I imitated your temperament” Su Bei explained to Lu Heting seriously.

The coldness in Lu Hetings eyes was replaced by warmth.

A gleam of light flashed across his obsidian-like eyes.

Pointing at the photo of Lu Bei, Su Bei asked, “Look, does this expression like yours This back, and here, when you are unhappy, you will compressed your thin lips, like a straight line…”

Indeed, Su Bei was right.

In addition, Lu Bei had the same aura as Su Bei, so Lu Heting never hated Lu Bei.

It turned out that his girl had learned from him.

With this understanding, the joy at the corners of Lu Hetings eyes and brows could no longer be covered.

Seeing that he didnt respond, Su Bei turned her head to look at him.

Coincidentally, Lu Heting also turned his head to look at Su Bei carefully.

The two faces and lips bumped into each other.

Su Bei was stunned.

Obviously, Lu Heting enjoyed this moment and closed his eyes.

The atmosphere was so good that Su Bei wanted to keep this moment.

“Bei Bei, what are you eating” Gun Gun held the fruits and looked at them curiously.

Su Bei stood up in a hurry, and then Lu Heting coughed awkwardly.

He forgot the existence of Gun Gun.

Just now, the scene was so wonderful that it was intoxicating.

“Where is my phone Where is my phone” Su Bei was even more embarrassed than Lu Heting.

She would never allow herself to fall in love with him, nor would she allow him to fall in love with her.

How could she make such a mistake

“Its in your right hand,” Lu Heting reminded her in a low voice.

“Oh, I see.

Ill make a phone call.” She ran into her room, lay prone on the bed, rubbed her face and patted it again.

“Xiao Bei, what are you doing Why do you think he is so handsome and powerful Why did you say those words to him You almost made a mistake!”

A suspicious blush flashed across Lu Hetings face.

He picked up the pillow that Su Bei had just held and stuffed it into his arms, as if he was holding Su Bei.

If Gun Gun hadnt appeared, he could have hugged her.

Lu Heting cast a resentful glance at the little boy.

Seeing that they didnt eat anything, Gun Gun was a little disappointed.

He picked up his fruit plate again and felt the coldness on his back.

He remembered that Bei Bei once said that he should put more clothes on when the weather was cold, in case he caught a cold.

So he obediently picked up his vest and carefully put it on.

Su Bei quickly changed her clothes, came out with her bag and said, “I have an appointment with my friend for dinner.

Im going out first.”

There was no appointment at all.

Lin Moli was still busy with her work today, and Su Bei was just trying to avoid getting along with Lu Heting.

“Let me drive you there.” Lu Heting stood up.

“No, No.

Ive already said that Ill pick her up by car.” After saying that, Su Bei put on her shoes and quickly disappeared at the door.

Lu Heting looked at the empty door, frustrated.

The next morning, Lu Weijian, together with his assistant Hong Jie, waited for Da Bao at the gate of the Lu Group.

Last time, Lu Weijian was lazy for a while, then he lost the chance to meet Da Bao.

Today, he didnt dare to leave the gate of the group.


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