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Chapter 297: chapter297 They Sent Me a Gift

In the evening, when Lu Heting came home from work, he pushed the door open and saw that Su Bei was commanding Gun Gun to take pictures of herself.

“My fans want to see my full-length photograph.

Im going to post some photos to give back,” Su Bei said to Lu Heting.

It occurred to Lu Heting that she didnt even have an agent now.

It was a little too much for her to be oppressed by Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

When she was asked to apologize before, Qian Yu Entertainment Company had a tough attitude.

Now that Fang Shaocong was defeated, the Qian Yu Entertainment Company secretly deleted the apology it had made on behalf of Su Bei.

Except that, the company didnt intend to give her an explanation at all.

“Let me help you.” Lu Heting took the phone from Gun Guns hand.

Gun Gun was tired of photographing, so he handed the phone to his daddy.

“Take a good picture of Bei Bei!”

“Of course.

After all, Bei Bei is so beautiful.” Lu Heting patted him on the head.

‘The father and son are so sweet.

Why didnt Da Bao learn how to say sweet words Su Bei wondered.

Lu Heting helped Su Bei take the photos.

In the video, Su Beis every move and smile were very attractive.

Her features were elegant and beautiful, making people feel addictive.

Lu Heting pressed the shooting button and recorded her beauty into his phone, but the machine didnt record one-thousandth of her beauty.

After that, he handed the phone to Su Bei.

Looking through the photos, Su Bei sighed, “Lu Heting, you are really good at photographing.

Youre really good at it.

I look so beautiful.

It doesnt look like me anymore.”

Because of love, he tried his best to take every photo.

A faint smile appeared on Lu Hetings lips.

Gun Gun pulled Su Beis sleeve and pointed at his own nose, “And me, and me!”

“My Gun Gun is also good at photographing.

The photos took by you were also very beautiful,” Su Bei praised.

Satisfied, Gun Gun went to the sofa to eat fruit.

Su Bei selected a few photos and posted them on Weibo.

She seldom took selfies, but after this incident, she still had to comfort her fans.

She had a lot of fans and was popular now.

As soon as she posted the photos, many people responded.

“Today is another day to be obsessed with Su Beis beauty!”

“Im so happy.

When I see the group photos of Lu Bei and Su Bei, I feel happy.

When I see Su Beis single photos, I feel happy too!”

“Look, thats a gift! Su Bei and Lu Bei are the real couple! There is a reflection in Su Beis eyes! The person in her eyes looks extremely similar to Lu Bei!”

“I saw it too.

I compared the person in Su Beis eyes with the photo of Lu Bei.

Im sure that the photo was taken by Lu Bei.

They are the real couple!”

“Yes! They are the real couple!”

“They sent a gift to me.

I want some insulin.

Because they look so sweet.”

Su Bei quickly enlarged her photos and saw one of them.

There was indeed a reflection in the bottom of her eyes, but it was obvious that the reflection was Lu Hetings figure, not Lu Beis.

“Lu Heting, you are mistaken as me in mens suits.

Come here and have a look.” Since the reflection was not very clear, Su Bei was happy to see others have a discussion and would not delete this photo.

Lu Heting sat down and took her phone.

He saw the comments and the words people said he was Lu Bei.

He was satisfied with the following comments.

He thought these netizens had a good taste.

With a bright smile on her face, Su Bei said, “These netizens are quite observant.

They could notice that I learnt from you from the smallest detail.”

“You learnt from me” Lu Heting looked up at her.


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