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Lu Hang patted him on the shoulder and said, “If Mr.

Lu is in a good mood, everything will be reasonable and you will have a law on such a thing.”

Lu Weijian went to Lu Hetings office valiantly.




No matter what my brother will do to me, I will recover soon!


Against all expectations, the mood in the office became less oppressive.

And Lu Heting didnt look as cold as the Arctic circle.

With a slight smile on his face, Lu Heting read the document calmly.

Lu Weijian didnt know whether his brother was really happy or extremely angry.

He had to ask, “Brother, are you looking for me”

“Have a seat.

Didnt you ask me to help you hit Da Bao in the game I just finished reading the document and will help you fight with him.”

“Brother!” Lu Weijian said gratefully.

But when did his brother recover so well

Wasnt he angry with Lu Bei

Lu Weijian secretly took out his mobile phone and took a look at Weibo before starting the game.

He specially found Lu Hetings additional account, which was called “Bei Ke 001.” When he clicked it, he found that his brother had sent two pictures of Lu Bei!

Besides, he also wrote, “So beautiful!”

Lu Weijian was so shocked that he even didnt believe his own eyes.

“Give me your phone,” Lu Heting said flatly.

Lu Weijian quickly turned off Weibo and handed over his phone, with thousands of ideas emerging in his mind.

Lu Heting logged in Lu Weijians account and found that Da Bao was online.

He sent a message to Da Bao, “Do you want to have a one-on-one fight”

Da Bao replied quickly, “Okay, bring it on.”

“Lets make a bet,” Lu Heting replied.

“Go ahead.” Da Baos words were brief and to the point, with the genes of simplicity in his mind.

“If you lose, come to see me.

If you win, you can make a demand.”

Da Bao thought for a while.

Although it was Lu Weijians account, he could tell at a glance that the person behind the phone scene was not Lu Weijian.

Because Lu Weijian was loquacious.

But the person who was chatting with him now was succinct and to the point.

So the person must be Lu Heting.

Recently, Lu Heting got many scores in Da Baos mind.

Da Bao agreed, “If I win, Ill keep the demand for the time being.”

“As long as you can win.” Raising his slender fingers, Lu Heting loosened his tie a little, revealing his sexy Adams apple.

Then he put his fingers on the screen.

Da Bao also concentrated on preparing.

The game began!

Lu Weijian rubbed his hands with excitement.

To witness this top-level battle, for a game junkie like him, he would like to use ten years of lifespan in exchange!

Besides, it was rare for his brother to fight Da Bao in the game.

The fight was over before Lu Weijian could enjoy it.

Lu Weijian almost forgot to record what happened just now! What a pity!

Lu Heting threw the phone to him and said, “I win.

Da Bao will come tomorrow.”

“Really” Lu Weijian smiled through tears, “Brother, I know you love me the most!”

“I dont love you, let alone the most.” Lu Heting said flatly.

Lu Weijian was still happy.

Without the ties of brotherhood, would his brother help him defeat Da Bao Would his brother help him at a critical moment every time

He knew that his brother was just too shy to say it.

Lu Weijian happily went to look for Lu Hang with his phone.

Lu Hang looked at him in surprise, “Mr.

Lu didnt hit you”

“My brother loves me so much.

How could he hit me Right” Lu Weijian rolled his eyes at him.

Well, Lu Hang thought that he didnt understand the brotherhood and didnt deserve it.


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