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Chapter 295: chapter295 So Beautiful

When Lu Heting was in a bad mood, a video was sent by Su Bei.

He immediately straightened up his shoulders and opened the video from Su Bei.

It seemed that it was a video of Su Beis game advertisement.

It seemed that this part hadnt used digital effects yet.

But it still looked good.

Lu Heting opened the video and saw that the two people, Lu Bei and Su Bei, were fighting with each other with swords in their hands.

They were indeed a perfect match.

But wait…

He zoomed in the video and looked at Lu Bei carefully.

He had seen the photos before, so he didnt find anything unusual.

But now, looking at the video, it was obvious that there seemed to be something strange about Lu Bei.

Lu Hetings intuition flashed in his mind and he quickly caught the point.

The smile quickly replaced the depression just now.

Lu Bei was a woman.

He didnt need to find too much evidence.

He was sure that Lu Bei was a woman just by his extremely sharp intuition.

To be exact, Lu Bei was not only a woman, but also Su Bei!

It was Su Bei who played the role of Lu Bei.

No wonder that Su Bei went to see a friend who could dress like a man that night.

It turned out that she went to learn from that friend.

Objectively speaking, his Su Bei did a good job, better than her friend.

When he realized this, Lu Heting felt much better.

When he saw those people crazily saying that Lu Bei and Su Bei were a perfect match, he nodded slightly.

This match was not bad.

Lu Heting logged in his Weibo again and found two single photos of Lu Bei.

For the first time in his life, he posted a private Weibo, “So beautiful!”

His wife was so beautiful.

Su Bei sent him a WeChat message, “Lu Heting, what do you think of this video”

“You did a good job,” Lu Heting said objectively.

“What about my friend” Somehow, Su Bei just wanted to see his reaction.

Lu Heting had seen her with Feng Feifei in mens clothes before, but he didnt have any special reaction at all.

Su Bei didnt know how he would react when he saw Lu Bei

Lu Heting said seriously, “Very good.”

It turned out that he really didnt care about it.

Well, it was good that they didnt have feelings for each other.

When she had a relapse and died in the future, Lu Heting could move on and resume his life.

“Thats not my friend.

Lu Bei is me.

I wanted to tell you last time, but I didnt find the right time,” Su Bei said casually.

“You look good in mens clothes!” Lu Heting praised earnestly.

As expected, his intuition was right.

Su Bei admitted it directly.

He had ignored the details when he looked at the photos, but when he saw the video, these details couldnt be escaped again.

“Ha-ha, thank you.

Other people also said so.” Su Bei accepted his compliment without hesitation.

In a good mood, Lu Heting made an internal call, “Lu Weijian, come here.”

Lu Weijian and Lu Hang were staying together, shivering.

“Lu Hang, help! My brother is looking for me.”

“Go ahead.

Be brave, Mr.


“Go with me, Lu Hang,” said Lu Weijian, trembling.

“No, I have a lot of things to do.


Weijian, you have to take the responsibility for what you had done.

Go ahead.

Ill send you to the door,” Lu Hang said righteously.

With an aggrieved face, Lu Weijian said, “Im serious about making a match between my brother and sister-in-law.

Why does God treat me like this Is it reasonable Is there a law on such a thing”


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