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“Fortunately, Fang Shaocong didnt shoot the advertisement.

He is so indulgent that he doesnt look like a chivalrous man at all.

Lu Bei and Su Bei look like a perfect match!”

“Lu Bei looks good! He is handsome! I can be his girlfriend!”


“Oh my God, I feel that Im in love again.

I can be with Su Bei and Lu Bei.

Am I bisexuality No, let them be together.

I found a perfect name for this couple—Bao Bei! It sounds great, right”

“I will be the fan of this couple! She just likes a goddess who descended to the mortal world! And he likes a god who descended to the mortal world!”

“Thanks for their hard work.

I will be the fan of this couple too.”

“Im looking forward to the game.

I will definitely download it and play it.”

“Can I have this perfect couple if I download the game”

For a moment, Lu Bei and Su Beis accounts had added so many fans at a visible rate.

Lu Weijian immediately held a lottery activity.

“You wont get the games ambassadors if you download the game.

But if you download the game, you can get money! Now follow my Weibo and downloaded the game.

I will choose one hundred lucky people and give each of them ten thousand cash!”

Su Bei thought that Lu Weijian was a genius in business.

As long as it was about games, he could immediately create the hot spots and promote them quickly.

Lu Weijian happily came to Lu Hetings office with the photos in his hands.

“Look, my sister-in-laws advertising photos have come out.

They look so good! The background of my phone and computer desktop have been changed! Ill change another one for you!”

Lu Heting took Lu Weijians phone.

The smile on his face widened when he saw Su Bei.

But then he saw Lu Bei!

It was the man with honest eyes and a good-looking face.

He was not annoying, and even Lu Heting had a good impression of him.

However, he didnt expect that some fans thought Su Bei and Lu Bei were a perfect match and even found a name for them—Bao Bei.

Upon seeing this, Lu Heting was displeased.

The netizens didnt have a good taste! Lu Bei was a little better than Fang Shaocong but only better than Fang Shaocong!

“Take it away.” Lu Heting didnt want to see this.

Lu Weijian immediately understood and said, “Brother, I will ask Director Guo to send me a photo of just my sister-in-law.

Well, take a look.”

That sounded good.

Lu Heting accepted the phone and quickly changed it to his phones background.

After Lu Weijian left, Lu Heting logged in his own Weibo, quickly typing some words, “Lu Bei and Su Bei are not a perfect match at all!”

Because his account was not outstanding at all, and soon his words were swamped by other peoples comments.

It did not attract much attention.

But occasionally, someone saw his words and replied with an Emoji, “The two love each other.

Youre talking nonsense.”

Lu Heting was depressed for a moment.

But he had to admit that in this series of pictures, Lu Beis posture and eyes looked very good, on par with Su Beis.

In this advertisement, Lu Bei was good enough for Su Bei.

But it was just for this advertisement!

Feeling so distressed that Lu Heting couldnt read the document, he asked Lu Hang to make a cup of tea and bring it in.

In fact, both Lu Hang and Lu Weijian could feel the coldness on Lu Hetings face.

“Did I do something wrong again” Lu Weijian was confused.

“To be honest, Mr.

Weijian, you shouldnt have shown Mr.

Lu the pictures about Lu Bei.”

Lu Weijian also regretted, but he tried to defend himself, “But those photos are public.

If I dont show them to him, he can see them too!”

The two of them were ready to face the challenge!


Lu Weijian: unhappy!


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