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Chapter 290: chapter290 Warnings on Bankruptcy

On Weibo, Fang Shaocongs last group of loyal fans quietly exited the fan group, deleted their own speech records and dismissed all the fan clubs.

They also found Su Beis Weibo at the same time and left such words, “Im sorry.”

These fans could say those harshest words.

Now meeting the greatest disappointment, on the contrary, they were silent.

These fans had loved him, so they didnt abuse him.

But they felt that they would never love someone so deeply in the future.

After browsing Weibo, Su Bei saw the conversation between Lu Heting and Da Bao.

It seemed that the conversation took place after she fell asleep.

And Lu Heting didnt delete it.

Instead, he kept it.

Seeing the last sentence of Lu Heting, Su Bei thought for a while.

She had to admit that what Lu Heting said really hit her heart.

She didnt want to be the flower in the greenhouse.

She just wanted to do what she liked and experience what she should go through.

No matter whether she succeeded or failed, she would never regret.

He knew her.

In her mind, the face of Lu Heting was getting clearer and clearer.

Su Bei got up in high spirits and opened the door.

When she opened the door, she saw Lu Heting sitting on the sofa and looking up at her.

“Did you sleep well”

“Very good.” With a ruddy face, Su Beis palm-sized face was full of smile.

She ran to Lu Heting and sat down beside him.

“What did you and Mr.

Weijian do So many people came out to accuse Fang Shaocong.”

“Its not because of us.

Its just that so many people have been hurt by him and are waiting for an opportunity to fight back.

He did so many bad things, and he got what he deserved.”

“Yes, that makes sense.” Su Bei nodded and looked at him again.

“I drank a little last night.

Did I do anything out of line”

Clenching his fists, Lu Heting cleared his throat and replied, “No.”

She didnt do anything out of line, but he… The intimate picture in his mind last night was only his imagination.

“Thats okay.” She was afraid that if she got drunk and said something improper to him, it would be bad.

“Su Bei, do you want to change a company” Lu Heting suddenly asked.

Su Bei had thought about it, but thinking of her illness, she was not suitable to change the company, and she was even not suitable to take over some long-term work.

She nodded, “Well, I have considered that.

But its not convenient for the time being, so I dont focus on it now.”

“Qian Yu Entertainment Company is not suitable for you.

There are many good entertainment companies.

You dont need to be there at whole time.” Lu Heting wanted to send Su Bei to Di Xing Media Company and take care of her in person.

Su Bei seemed to read his thoughts.

“Do you want me to work in Di Xing Media Company Forget it.

Ive already made many trouble for Mr.


I wont cause him any trouble again.

Besides, Di Xing Media Company is good at supporting movie stars.

But Im a model and Im good at participating fashion show, which doesnt match its business.”

That made sense.

After a moments silence, Lu Heting thought that he needed to take a long-term view about the matter that Su Bei changed her company.

Su Huixian didnt expect that Su Bei would win without saying a word in such a big battle.

She didnt know whether Su Bei was so lucky or Fang Shaocong was so unlucky.

“How is everything going with the Fang family” Su Huixian asked.

Qiu Minxuan had already inquired around and said, “Fang Zhaoxiang has come back.

He will deal with the matter of Mr.

Shaocong in person.

It will all be fine! As long as he takes action, Su Bei will not be able to fight back.”


“[兆祥]” Bankruptcy warning!


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