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Chapter 288: chapter288 They Would Not Be His Fans Anymore

When Su Bei woke up the next day, it was already dawn.

She remembered that she had drunk a little last night and was so tired that she fell asleep when Lu Heting came to pick her up.

She quickly sat up and found that she had changed into pajamas and Gun Gun was sleeping soundly next to her.

With a smile on her face, Su Bei thought of something and quickly took out her phone to check Weibo to see what she had been scolded.

After searching for a long time, her name just occasionally appeared.

On the contrary, Fang Shaocongs name appeared in different hot searches and topic lists in different discussions, with high popularity.

That was to say, what happened on the internet at the moment had nothing to do with her.

Even if other people occasionally mentioned her name, it was a kind evaluation and gentle response.

Some people even found the delicate and perfect videos of Su Bei, such as the shows and advertising shooting.

They recommended these videos to others.

On the other hand, the situation of Fang Shaocong was not so good.

Su Bei quickly checked the whole thing and found that last night, Fang Shaocongs secrets were repeatedly exposed.

First the doctor, then the female artists, then the staff in the crew who had cooperated with him, and some internet celebrities or stars who had slept with him.

Later, some ladies in the clubhouse came out to claim that they were infected by Fang Shaocong and asked him for compensation.

They took out all kinds of evidences and made Fang Shaocong have no room to defend himself.

Till now, some netizens had concluded that this gentle, smart, kind-hearted and shy male artist had slept with sixty-seven women in less than five years since he started his career.

Besides, there were more than a hundred women who had slept with him.

Because these women were not famous, so people didnt know their names.

But people had their photos.

All his secrets had been exposed, and everyone knew these secret histories.

Under Fang Shaocongs Weibo, many of his fans expressed their opinions.

They would not be his fans anymore.

“Im so sad.

I worked hard for a year before and bought a bag for Fang Shaocong.

I didnt expect to see a famous internet celebrity holding the bag last night, with the abbreviation of my own name on it.

I know the abbreviation no matter what happened.

What a playboy! My hard work is just a tool for you to sleep with other women!”

“We did everything for you just for your better development.

Even if you will have a girlfriend and a wife in the future, we will never regret loving you.

But look at what you have done Do you deserve so many fans love”

“Men are really the animals that think with their lower parts of their bodies.

I misjudged you.”

“I will not be your fan anymore.

A man who doesnt care about his health and career doesnt deserve my love.”

“My love is very cheap, and your image is even cheaper!”

“Im feeling tired.

I was empty.

Lets leave here and do our own things!”

Of course, there were also some loyal fans who waited bitterly.

“They are all slanders.

I will wait for the day when my idol makes that clear.”

“Yes, Im on his side! Shaocong is not afraid of slander!”

Su Bei was in a constant state of amazement.

What happened

How on earth did Lu Heting and Lu Weijian do it

Meanwhile, Fang Shaocong found that all the public relations were useless, and the professional public relations company was even unwilling to accept his order.

“Im sorry, Mr.


We really cant take the order.

We dont know how to deal with it.” Some companies were straightforward.


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