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Chapter 285: chapter285 Endless Secrets

Su Beis fans finally had the right to speak for Su Bei on Weibo, “Su Bei has been working hard.

In the past two days, in order to shoot the advertisement of the game, she had to wear ancient costume and use the wire in such a hot day.

If she really wants to get the resources depending on the hidden rules, why does she have to work so hard”

“Thats right.

Su Bei was the first one who became the ambassador of the game, and Fang Shaocong is the later one.

Does Su Bei need to flatter Fang Shaocong”

“Su Bei only takes Mr.

Weijian as a good friend.

Does she need to use Fang Shaocong to get the resources”

Lin Yu, who was in the United States, posted a Weibo, “Do you think Xiao Bei needs to do this I swear that Xiao Bei has a lot of work to do.

As long as she is willing to do those jobs, she wont be able to finish them until next year!”

It was proved from the side that it was impossible for Su Bei to seduce Fang Shaocong.

Director Guo also posted a Weibo, “Through the cooperation with Su Bei, I have a good impression of her.

If Su Bei is willing to change her job to act in movies and TV series, please contact me at any time.”

Director Guo was a well-known director in the entertainment industry.

His character and reputation were on the top level.

He invited Su Bei in public, showing great support for her!

It was also the biggest humiliation to Fang Shaocong.

Then, the official of Orisa Fashion Show and Jin Xiu, also took the initiative to express their approval of Su Bei without being contacted by Lu Heting.

The situation was reversed.

It was advantageous for Su Bei.

More and more videos and pictures of Fang Shaocong being with women were exposed.

Among the women he had slept with, there were indeed many of them who wanted to seize the chance to be famous this time.

These women only wanted to be famous, and they didnt care about their own reputations.

In particular, one or two of them could do anything to get what they wanted.

Now seeing such a trend, they posted the photos and videos when they were with Fang Shaocong!

Lu Weijian also contacted the staff who had cooperated with Fang Shaocong according to Lu Hetings request.

Some staff had been bullied and insulted by Fang Shaocong.

They knew that Fang Shaocong had a good reputation and he was from a rich family.

No matter when they made a sound, their words would not be valued, so they always swallowed insult and humiliation and never explained.

Even if someone occasionally criticized Fang Shaocong, Fang Shaocongs team would immediately delete the relevant Weibo and warn the person with lawyers letters.

As time went by, no one dared to speak the truth.

Now that someone had specially found them and given them a channel to tell the truth and tell others what had happened to them, they would certainly seize the opportunity.

Even if some people who were not found by Lu Weijian but had been bullied by Fang Shaocong, they would also take this opportunity to speak out their unfair treatment as soon as possible.

For a moment, the website was filled with Fang Shaocongs secrets.

For example, when Fang Shaocong was working in the film crew, he poured coffee directly on a staffs face because the coffee was hotter than he expected.

“Didnt he say that he fainted because he was filming for three days and nights in a row And then he released many articles to praise his diligent and hard work.

In fact, it was not the truth.

He had slept with several women in the club, which made him exhausted.”

“I can prove that what the doctor said is true.

Fang Shaocong often takes medicine, and I have seen the medicine secretly.

It is indeed a treatment for that kind of disease.”

There were endless secrets of Fang Shaocong on the website, some of which were specially found out by Lu Weijian, and a large part was the true feelings from those people who had been insulted and bullied by Fang Shaocong!


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