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Chapter 278: Chapter 278 Su Bei, Apologize

Lu Heting said word by word, “I wont let you get hurt in this matter.”

Su Bei calmed down.

“Where are you” asked Lu Heting in a low voice.

“Im going to the company.

I should be back soon.”

“Ill pick you up later.

Dont run around.

Wait for me at the gate of the company, okay”

“Okay,” Su Bei said in a brisk tone.

After hanging up the phone, a touch of coldness flashed through Lu Hetings eyes.

From the moment Fang Shaocong harassed Su Bei, Fang Shaocong had been dead in Lu Hetings heart.

Lu Heting gave him time to go crazy.

Then Lu Heting would let him come to no good end.

And now, Fang Shaocong took the initiative to provoke, which accelerated his steps on the road of destruction.

When things were getting more and more complicated, Fang Shaocong received an interview.

The reporter asked, “Mr.

Fang, can you tell us something about the female artist in the same group”

“Its hard to explain it in detail.

I hope she can realize her mistake and give me an explanation.

After all, the misunderstanding between me and Mr.

Weijian was also caused by her.”


Fang, are you really sick before”

Fang Shaocong said, “Of course its true.

If Im not sick, I will definitely go to the filming site.

Im sick, and I happened to meet such a female artist, so I had a misunderstanding with Mr.


He shifted all the blame, including the war of words with Lu Weijian, to Su Bei.


Fang, have you thought about how to solve this problem”

“If she apologizes to me, I can forgive her.

It was inevitable for young people to make mistakes by taking shortcuts.

I will give her a chance to apologize!”

Fang Shaocongs bold speech not only pushed Su Bei on the cusp again, but also gained a lot of favorable impression.

“Oh, baby, you are so kind.

You are willing to forgive her even though so many things have happened!”

“I really have a perfect idol.

Baby, please take a look at me.”

“Did you hear that, Su Bei” My idol has given you the chance.

Dont be so stubborn!”

“Su Bei, you must apologize!”

“Su Bei, you must apologize! Maybe my idol will forgive you, but we may not! Unless you are sincere enough to apologize to us!”

In Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

Many people stood at the gate.

Fang Shaocongs fans gathered around the gate one after another.

As soon as Su Bei got off the car, she felt a great pressure.

When she was thinking about how to enter the company, several bodyguards quickly came over and surrounded her.

The leader said, “Miss Su, we are professional bodyguards of the Lu Group.

We are here to protect you.”

It suddenly occurred to Su Bei that they were the men arranged by Lu Heting.

She looked at him gratefully and followed them inside.

The angry fans of Fang Shaocong shouted loudly, “Su Bei, apologize!”

They gathered around.

The bodyguards protected Su Bei and soon entered the company.

At this moment, Su Bei was not in the mood to reason with those angry fans.

When people were being irrational, they turned a deaf ear to other peoples words.

Lv Shan stepped forward, held Su Beis hand and said, “Director Song asked us to go to the office.

The situation is rapidly reaching boiling point, and the company is under a lot of pressure.”

The two of them came to Song Ruinians office together.

When they were about to knock on the door, Su Huixian walked out slowly with a mysterious smile on her face.


It will bounce back tomorrow!


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