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Chapter 276: Chapter276 Womens Harassment of Men

“I dont believe this.

Everyone knows that my idol is the best!”

“The rich person dont bully my idol! “My idol was sick and was receiving a massage!” “Dont you understand the massage Why do you make associations with sex Do you dare to say that you wont massage for the rest of your life”

“Youre right.

Shaocong was injured when he was filming.

Why cant he have a massage It just happens that the masseuse is a woman.

Why are you so bad Why do you think that he has done something wrong”

“And some people also said that Fang Shaocong smoked and drank.

Come on, he is an adult.

Whats wrong with smoking Whats wrong with drinking Do you think he must cut off all the desires after entering the entertainment industry”

“Lu Weijian is so bad.

He deliberately posted such a photo to slander our idol.

I will never forgive Lu Weijian!”

“No, I dont think this person is Fang Shaocong.

He just looks like Fang Shaocong.

Look, Fang Shaocongs mole doesnt appear here…”

The war of words in the entertainment industry was much more indirect.

Very few people would shout abuse and be too provocative.

After all, they were in the same industry.

They would meet each other in daily life.

So they would give each other some breathing room.

Unless one side had the ability to completely ruin the other side, otherwise, the war of words would only last for a short time.

But this time, Lu Weijian and Fang Shaocong had always been tough.

Especially Lu Weijian, it seemed that he wanted to ruin Fang Shaocong.

It not only caused a strong counterattack and abuse from Fang Shaocongs fans, but also aroused the great interest of the onlookers.

The reason why Lu Weijian didnt stop attacking was that he had the ability to ruin Fang Shaocong!

And according to his brothers order, he must ruin Fang Shaocong!

Seeing that things were going on, Lu Weijian posted two more pictures, in which Fang Shaocong was holding the woman in his arms and walking towards the room.

The time happened to be the two days when he was recuperating as he said!

The public opinion was in an uproar!

If it was true, then Fang Shaocongs recuperation was fake, and it was true that he violated the contract.

Lu Weijian could completely hold him accountable!

Moreover, Fang Shaocongs perfect image would also collapse.

In fact, it was not a big deal for a man in his twenties to have a woman.

But for a male artist who boasted that he was single, kept his chastity and had a lot of female fans, this was a big deal!

Under Fang Shaocongs Weibo, although most of his fans still defended him, a small number of them cried and asked him to make an explanation.

This time, Fang Shaocong didnt respond in time.

Fang Shaocong asked his agent angrily, “When did he take this photo What the hell were you doing”

His agent said helplessly, “Although we are well protected, the paparazzi are everywhere.

Its not surprising that they have those photos.”

“Resolve this crisis right now,” Fang Shaocong said angrily.

In fact, his agent couldnt think of a good way for the moment.

After all, their opponent was Lu Weijian!

Who knew what Lu Weijian was holding in his hand.

Fang Shaocong picked up his phone and input directly, “The massage is true, but I dont have a woman.

The photo is just a composite shot.

Dont believe it.

In fact, there is another reason why I didnt appear on the scene for shooting.

The female artist in the same group has always invited me to drink in the hotel, but Lu Weijian turned a blind eye to it and even encouraged the bad tendencies.

Womens harassment of men is also a kind of harassment.

Please understand that I only want to shoot the advertisement, and I just want to keep the professional and the personal separate.”


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