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Chapter 274: Chapter 274 Didnt Use Any Mouthpiece

After he said this, a shocking number of fans on his side swarmed into Lu Weijians Weibo to express their own opinion.

Lu Weijian was famous in the game industry and the personification of perfectness in many mens heart, but after all, he was not that popular as Fang Shaocong.

The number of his fan couldnt be compared with that of Fang Shaocong.

Soon, his Weibo was occupied by Fang Shaocongs fans.

“Lu Weijian, say something! Come out and explain! Give Fang Shaocong and all of us an explanation!”

“A big boss not only sucks blood, but also is shameless.

You take up our prince charmings time, but then you stood him up.

You are way out of line!”

“We are determined to fight against the evil forces to the end.

We will never let go of anyone who bullies Fang Shaocong!”

“No wonder he is called the Invincible Swordsman.

He really has a thick skin.

His face is really invincible!”

“I feel sorry for my idol.

He worked hard, but was cheated by the boss.

I want to hug him!”

Fang Shaocong looked at Weibo with satisfaction.

As a popular young star, he didnt even need to buy online board message.

He just needed to play victim, and his fans would positively fight for him.

Because Fang Shaocong didnt use any mouthpiece.

He attacked Lu Weijian on Weibo in person.

So the topic like “Fang Shaocong asked for salary online” immediately became the top search on Weibo.

From the title, it could be seen that Fang Shaocong was delicate and pitiful, and Lu Weijian was a bully.

Many common people who had experienced the same tragedy also joined the Fang Shaocongs fans to attack Lu Weijian.

A rich person was heartless.

It was perfectly unbearable.

Moreover, he was not merciful to a popular male artist with a good reputation.

Lu Weijian soon became the target of thousands of peoples criticism on Weibo.

In the office, Lu Weijian was furious to see this Weibo.

But he quickly calmed down.

It was a chance for his brother and sister-in-law, wasnt it

Now that Fang Shaocong had taken the initiative to stir up trouble, everything was within his brothers expectations.

Of course, Lu Weijian would give Fang Shaocong what he wanted.

Lu Weijian quickly replied, “Yes, we have a contract with Mr.

Fang for three days.

But today was the last day of the deadline.


Fang didnt arrive at the shooting site until afternoon.

In the first two and a half days of shooting, Mr.

Fang didnt show up.

I called the director again and again, but Mr.

Fang still didnt show up.

We had no choice but to use another actor.

Everyone knows how much the equipment and staff salary of the crew will cost for a day.

Although we are rich, we cant afford such a loss.

The staff cant afford such a loss too.

They need the money to provide for their family.


Fang, please compensate us three times of the penalty for breach of contract, okay”

Then he attached the picture of the contract.

The picture of beginning and ending dates.

The picture of staff arrangement

The picture of the shooting site.

Lu Weijians direct response made some people shut up.

After all, many people were reasonable.

They said, “If what Mr.

Weijian said is the truth, then its really inappropriate for Fang Shaocong to do so.

There are so many people waiting to make money to support their family.

How can they do nothing and wait for a star”

“Lets wait and see.

Id like to see how Fang Shaocong will explain it.”

“I havent seen such a wonderful online battle for a long time.

I want to order cola, melon seeds, peanuts and watermelon.

Im in high spirits and waiting to watch the war of words!”

“What will Fang Shaocong say about this”

“Lets wait and see!”

“Im different from you.

Ill wait for them to fight!”

On the other side.

In tomorrows update, Mr.

Fang was going to expose Su Beis secret!


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