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Chapter 272: Chapter 272 I Have to Come Here As Long As I Am Alive

So after a whole day, she almost finished the shooting of the heros part.

Fang Shaocong was enjoying the service of young beauties in the private club.

Su Bei was a tough woman.

He was determined to make her suffer!

She thought she could make a difference with Lu Weijians support

“I want another woman!” Fang Shaocong shouted at his agent, “I want a high woman, with long legs and a small face.

I dont want the woman who had a plastic surgery!”

The standard was completely based on Su Beis appearance.

But how could his agent find anyone who was similar to Su Bei Those women were all substitutes.

On the last day, Su Beis shooting was finished.

The last shoot of Lu Bei was finished too.

In fact, it only took them two and a half days to finish the shooting, which was supposed to be three days.

Besides, Fang Shaocong didnt come.

It was a waste of time.

Director Guo was relieved to see that Su Beis work was getting better and better.

He said to Su Bei, who was in mens clothes, “Its faster than expected.

You can have a good rest in the afternoon.

I have to ask Mr.

Weijian for your bonus!”

“Thank you, Director Guo!” Su Bei bowed.

“You have to consider my movie at that time.

We already have an oral agreement.

Dont stand me up.”

Su Bei was flattered by Director Guos fondness for her.

But considering her illness, it was impossible for her to support the shooting for such a long time.

If she hadnt finished shooting and… Then she would incommode Director Guo!

Seeing that she didnt respond enthusiastically, Director Guo thought she was just tired, so he didnt say anything more.

After all, the filming of two people was finished in advance.

The hard work that Su Bei had done in the past few days really exceeded her physical limit.

When they were packing up, Fang Shaocong and his agent arrived at the shooting site.

Fang Shaocong could put Su Bei in an embarrassing position and ignore Lu Weijian, but he couldnt offend Director Guo too much.

At least, he had to put on an act.

In the remaining half a day, he had to finish what he should shoot.

“Director Guo, Mr.

Shaocong is here.

He has been put on a drip and didnt finish it until now.

As soon as he finished the treatment, we came here without a stop.” Fang Shaocongs agent held Fang Shaocongs arm and said.

Director Guos impression of Fang Shaocong had been greatly reduced, but he didnt show it on his face.

He smiled and said, “Mr.

Shaocong, you should take good care of yourself in the hospital.”

“No, I cant do that! Director Guo, even if I am sick, I have to come here as long as I am alive.” Fang Shaocong smiled weakly.

He was really good at acting, but he had gone too far.

Director Guo continued to smile, “But unfortunately, we have finished shooting.


Shaocong is so sick.

We really dont dare to hurt your noble body.”

Fang Shaocongs agent and Fang Shaocong sensed the mockery in Director Guos words.

But before they cared about it, they asked in surprise, “Have you finished shooting”


“So you used a substitute for the heros part” Fang Shaocong asked immediately.

Subconsciously, he didnt think there was anyone better than him.

“No, I used another actor.

He is Su Beis friend.” Director Guo turned around and saw that Su Bei was walking towards them in mens clothes.

He asked her to come over.

Standing in front of Fang Shaocong, Su Bei was about the same height as him.

Her clothes fluttered in the wind, and she was as handsome as a perfect man.

At the sight of her, Fang Shaocongs eyes lit up, but then he felt a great pressure.


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