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Chapter 267: Chapter 267 A Wife Who Had Been Caught Cheating

By instinct, Feng Feifei immediately sensed the identity of this man.

He was probably Da Baos biological father, the man that Xiao Bei had been thinking about returning Da Bao to him, Lu Heting!

Feng Feifei slowly took a bite of the ice cream, and the expression on her face instantly became Feng Zes.

“Why did you bite so much again I wont give you my ice cream next time!” Looking at the ice-cream that had been bitten a large mouthful, Su Bei complained.

Feeling the cold air outside the ice cream, she suddenly raised her head and bumped into the dark and thick eyes of Lu Heting!

“Lu Heting…” With an embarrassed smile, Su Bei quickly distanced herself from Feng Feifei.

In fact, she knew clearly that Feng Feifei was just a woman, but when she was suddenly bumped into by Lu Heting, she still felt embarrassed, like a wife who had been caught cheating, and didnt know how to explain it.

She knew that something bad would happen when she came out with Feng Feifei in mens clothes!

Especially for Feng Feifei, she had been pretending to be Feng Ze the whole night!

Judging from the expression on Lu Hetings face, Su Bei felt something was wrong.

Should she tell Lu Heting the identity of Feng Feifei right away Should she also explain what happened to Feng Ze

Thinking of so many things, Su Bei had a headache.

Lu Hetings eyes fell on Feng Feifei.

Feng Feifei also raised her eyebrows and looked at Lu Heting evilly.

This was indeed the man whom Xiao Bei was looking for.

What kind of a person was he How could he let Xiao Bei marry him so early

He looked graceful and manly.

But Feng Ze had the sense of responsibility.

Feng Ze was powerful and loved Xiao Bei very much.

Could this man do that

The two pairs of eyes intertwined, and an amount of silent rivalry between them started in an instant.

The two of them acted like peacock, showing their male charm and great hostility to each other.

Of course, Feng Feifei was on behalf of Feng Ze.

Standing aside, Su Bei was really afraid that the two people would fight the next second.

Feng Feifei was good at fighting.

Even professional boxers in the United States were no match for her.

If she couldnt stand Lu Heting and punched him…

After all, Lu Heting was just a driver.

He couldnt bear her punch!

Thinking of this, Su Bei quickly stood beside Lu Heting and stood between him and Feng Feifei.

“What a coincidence to meet you here.

Oh, Mr.

Weijian is also here.”

Once someone made a sound, the intense scene would be like a punctured balloon, slowly losing its momentum.

All of a sudden, an inexplicable intuition came to Lu Hetings mind—the “man” in front of him was a woman who dressed like a man!

This idea came all of a sudden.

He couldnt explain why, and he immediately had such a determined idea.

She dressed like a man and even the Adams apple was well modified by cosmetic, with no flaws.

But with this idea, Lu Hetings face was not stamped with a lot of hostility.

Although Lu Heting was still jealous, he could accept the fact that a woman liked Su Bei.

Su Bei was popular and liked by others.

He was also proud of her.

His girl was so excellent and perfect!


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