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Chapter 266: Chapter266 A Walking Killing Machine

“Yes, he is nearby.” Lu Heting agreed.

Lu Weijian hurriedly called the waiter to pay the bill and said, “Lets go out to try our luck and see if we can see him with our own eyes.”

At the same time, Su Bei also paid the bill.

Feng Feifei said, “I want an ice cream.

Lets go shopping together.”

“Okay, I want to eat too,” Su Bei replied immediately.

Da Bao didnt like desserts.

He shook his head and said, “You can go by yourselves.”

“I dont want to eat either.

Im not as excellent as you.

No matter how much you eat, you wont gain weight.” Lin Moli touched the flesh on her belly, and took Da Baos hand and said, “Lets go back and wait for them.

I will let them quit trying to get us to eat the ice cream.”

When Lu Heting and Lu Weijian came out, they happened to see Lin Moli leaving with a child.

Lu Hetings eyes followed the little boy.

He only saw the boys back and missed the boys face.

Lu Weijian had been staring at his phone, but now he had no energy to do so.

Because he saw a man holding Su Beis shoulder and walking out intimately.

The man, who was taller than Su Bei, looked very beautiful.

The diamond on his ears was dazzling, and there was a trace of evil in his expression.

With a lazy expression, he put one hand on Su Beis shoulder and walked forward.

‘They are a perfect match, thought Lu Weijian.

Su Bei was unaccustomed to Feng Feifeis action.

If Feng Feifei was wearing womens clothes, Su Bei would even take the initiative to hold Feng Feifeis arm.

But now Feng Feifei was not only wearing mens clothes, but also looked like Feng Ze.

Su Bei was so stressed that she took Feng Feifeis hand away.

In less than a second, Feng Feifei put her hand on Su Beis shoulder again.

Su Bei removed Feng Feifeis hand, but Feng Feifei put her hand on Su Beis shoulder again.

Lu Weijian looked at the two people with enjoyment.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman were always so pleasant to the eye.

But it suddenly occurred to him that Su Bei was his sister-in-law!

As expected, when Lu Weijian turned his head to have a look, he saw the frosty expression on Lu Hetings face.

Lu Weijian also felt and the cold air around Lu Heting, which almost froze him.

Lu Weijian started shaking and said in a low voice, “Brother…”

At this moment, he had already forgotten to track down where Da Bao was.

When he saw Lu Hetings face, he was sincerely terrified.

He didnt know what to do.

Lu Heting walked towards Su Bei.

Lu Weijian hurried to catch up with him.

What Lu Weijian saw was just a scene of breaking the debauchery!

If his brother and his sister-in-law fought later, Lu Weijian was not sure whether he should help his brother or sister-in-law!

He stepped forward in a panic and followed around with Lu Hetings side.

If they really fought, he had to stop his brother.

His sister-in-law was so delicate.

What if she got hurt

Feng Feifei and Su Bei had already bought ice cream, and the two of them had bought different flavors.

Feng Feifei wanted to have a lick of Su Beis ice cream.

Su Bei rolled her eyes at Feng Feifei helplessly and handed the ice cream to her.

“Dont lick too much.

Leave some for me.”

As soon as Feng Feifei took a bite of the ice cream, she felt that the surroundings were full of murderous will!

The endless murderous will was the coldness that she hadnt felt for a long time!

She suddenly stopped and entered a defensive state.

Her instinct told her that there was an enemy!

Sure enough, the man in front of her strode over with a cold and murderous look, which made people tremble with fear.

He was like a walking killing machine!


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