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Chapter 264: Chapter264 She Could Not Distinguish between Them

Among this group of people, Feng Ze always showed his leadership and exercised his influence.

Everyone respected him and liked him, but only Su Bei was afraid of him.

Su Bei closed her eyes, hoping that it was an illusion.

She muttered in a low voice, “Feng Ze is so busy with a lot of things in the United States.

How could he come here Its definitely not him, not him, not him!”

But Feng Ze still walked gracefully towards Su Bei.

The familiar footsteps made Su Bei nervous.

Su Bei felt like weeping but had no tears.

It was not easy for her to come to Lin Molis house, but Feng Ze happened to come here.

Why didnt he stay in the United States Why did he come back to S Country

Things really went contrary to her wishes.

Su Bei could feel that Feng Ze was getting closer to her.

Su Bei didnt want Feng Ze to hug her.

She didnt like the man like Feng Ze!

Feeling that he was getting closer and closer to her, Su Bei was worried.

What if he really hugged her

However, the hug didnt arrive as expected.

Instead, there was a burst of girls laughter.

“Hahaha, Xiao Bei, you are successfully deceived by me again!”

With her eyes wide open, Su Bei looked at “Feng Ze” in front of her and saw the evil grin on the face of “Feng Ze.” She said, “Feng Feifei, you lied to me again!”

It was not Feng Ze at all.

Instead, Feng Feifei pretended to be Feng Ze.

“You are so gullible.

You are always fooled by me.

Youve been cheated by me so many times, and youre still so stupid that you still cant differentiate between Feng Ze and I!” Feng Feifei knocked on Su Beis forehead and said in a sweet and lovely voice, which was totally different from Feng Zes.

However, the two of them were twins of opposite sex and looked very similar.

It was normal for Feng Feifei to disguise as Feng Ze, so Su Bei had never distinguished them.

“Well, not bad!” Su Bei patted her chest, frightened to death.

Lin Moli stood aside, dumbfounded.

“Feifei, you not only deceived Su Bei.

I was also deceived! I didnt expect it to be you!”

Feng Feifeis image was good enough to deceive a large group of people as long as she wanted to dress up carefully.

But Su Bei was easily tricked.

Besides, she had the most interesting reaction, so Feng Feifei liked to deceive Su Bei most.

“Xiao Bei, are you so afraid of Feng Ze” Feng Feifei sat down and said, “Look at you.

He wont really eat you.”

Su Bei was afraid that he would eat her.

Every time Feng Ze looked at her, his loving eyes could not hide, as if he was really going to grill her and eat her.

His eyes were no different than Lin Yus eyes when Lin Yu saw the hotpot.

Feng Feifei waved at Da Bao and said, “My Da Bao is the best.

He recognized me at the first sight.

He knew that Im not Feng Ze.

Come on, I want to hug my Da Bao.”

Su Bei also felt strange.

Da Bao seemed to have installed a radar.

With so many people unable to distinguish Feng Feifei and Feng Ze, Da Bao could always distinguish them at once.

Every time she asked Da Bao how he had distinguished them, his answer would only be—intuition.

As time went on, everyone stopped asking.

Intuition was a thing that others would never be able to grasp.

Except for Su Bei, other people thought that there was no difference between meeting Feng Ze and seeing Feng Feifei.

Anyway, they were the same.

However, Da Bao was a little regretful that he didnt see Feng Ze.

He asked, “Where is Feng Ze”


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